Surprise! Trump is leaving office and NY Gov Cuomo opens up!


During his “state of the state” address, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told residents he intends to safely reopen the state’s economy despite an increasing number of confirmed coronavirus cases.

Andrew Cuomo, who is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of older Americans and then lied about it and then wrote a book about the great job he did, noticed he has to open businesses back up.

Cuomo and Newsom have the worst possible numbers, and yet, they are seen as big successes. They destroyed their economies with the lockdowns.

It’s really too late for many, many small businesses, including a lot of minority and immigrant businesses.

We predict that now that Donald Trump is out of the White House, businesses will open, COV will disappear, cured by Biden, children will be back in school.




  1. Surprise, surprise, surprise…not. Its not that Benito Cuomo is finally getting smarter, his tax revenue is disappearing from the state. All the producers are bailing out and moving to business friendly states. NYC will soon follow his actions and declare the restrictions lifted for the bankrupt city.
    Yep, them lefties sure now how to screw up a good thing. And, they are really good at it.
    Hey, NYC, how’s that crime rate doing? Nitwits.

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