Hey, GOP, Forget Waves and Tsunamis, We’re Winning


Republicans didn’t lose. They’re winning despite not having the funds or the media that the Left has. They appear ready to take over the House and could still take the Senate. Democrats are ecstatic that it wasn’t a red wave, and they will take this as their cue to keep moving further left. I’m not sure why they’re so happy. They are going to lose the House and maybe the Senate.

As for the Senate, Ron Johnson narrowly won against his communist Democrat opponent Mandela Barnes, but he won. Laxalt looks like he is set to win in Nevada. Blake Masters has a path to victory in Arizona. Walker might win in Georgia.


The United States is divided along political lines on every issue, thanks mostly to the political leadership and the media. The US is not united. We are a people divided who are forced to live together. The Democrat Party is so far left that compromise seems impossible. They think Republicans are too far right.

Donald Trump’s candidates didn’t fare well because the antagonists successfully tied them to extremism, deserved or not. Trump didn’t help at times with his rhetoric.

Mitch McConnell caused a fair amount of damage by removing funds from strong Trump-backed candidates like Blake Masters, Don Bolduc, Tudor Dixon, and others. When people say his candidates were weak, have they looked at who Democrats put up?

Money was a big problem. Lee Zeldin in New York, who is not an extremist, was outspent 7 to 1, and dishonest ads had a big impact. New York canceled an honest man to go with pay-to-play despot Kathy Hochul. New York is lost. Illinois is also lost, as is California.

There is also a problem with the Republican party if they can’t beat failed far-left Democrats.

The working class has moved slightly to the right, but the rich whites have moved to the hard left. Perhaps the lure of power and money that comes with the climate change hysteria is too much to resist.

In Republican states, the GOP did well. In Democrat states, the Democrats did well. Democrats in Florida and Georgia voted for DeSantis and Kemp. DeSantis has a winning agenda and performs well as he did during and after Hurricane Ian.

Florida is now ruby red thanks to Gov. DeSantis, who hit the right notes for the state’s residents. Greg Abbott did very well.

Republicans will likely take the House, but Kevin McCarthy might not have enough support to lead or pass legislation if he is selected to lead. The Senate could be back to 50-50. It shouldn’t be this close, considering we have a senile president who opened our borders – endangering our national security – initiated new wars, is collapsing our economy, destroying our fossil fuels, and spending so wildly as to make a drunken sailor blush.

We should be winning in big numbers, but the country is changing demographically.

Bizarrely, Pennsylvanians went with a mental vegetable, a carpetbagger from New Jersey.

The polls leaned too heavily Republican this time. They’re becoming near-useless.


Overall, Trump-backed candidates didn’t do well. Neither did Mitch McConnell’s. He spent a lot on the perfect candidate Joe O’Dea in Colorado, and he bombed. Murkowski, who got nine million in Alaska, is hardly a good Republican candidate. He’s a Mitt Romney fan. Mitch worries about candidate quality but hasn’t taken a good look at the Democrats’ candidates. That’s who he should comment about.

Bo Hines, the young man in North Carolina who Trump backed, got beaten in a Republican district drawn for a Republican to win. Mehmed Oz lost to a vegetable, and Herschel Walker, up against a Marxist, is neck-and-neck with Marxist wife abuser Raphael Warnock. Mastriano, painted as an extremist, didn’t come close. Don Bolduc lost in New Hampshire.

In Ohio, Republican J.R. Majewski, a poorly vetted candidate who lied about his Air Force experience, lost to longtime Democratic Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur. Trump backed him in the primary.

Some Trump-backed candidates did well, such as JD Vance in the red state of Ohio. Ted Budd won in North Carolina. Kari Lake and Blake Masters could win.

Right before election night, Donald Trump said he had a big announcement coming. Some Trump supporters believe that hurt the candidates he picked. Democrats wanted to make the election about DJT because they have succeeded in making him an all-around negative. It may be unfair, but it is a reality. His America First ideas are wonderful, but it’s not enough.

This election was not stolen. There were glitches, but Republicans are winning.

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2 months ago

Well after the win in WI and AK being both R’s America is at 50-47 in Senate. If Republicans can take AZ, NV, GA. Game over. Only need 1

2 months ago
Reply to  1969Bird

Mike Lindell is also looking at filling some law suits next week. His group monitored the election result reporting in real time and collected some interesting data. With some of his successes in courts over the last few months, this time we may see some action before it’s too late.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 months ago

Is there something wrong with TGP’s account of Trump’s election record?

TGP reported earlier that President Trump backed 174 candidates who won their races yesterday, with only 9 candidates losing.

What’s Mitch’s record? What’s Kevin’s record?

2 months ago

Who remembers the days after elections when both the winners and losers would dive into the why of elections. An analysis of why the voters failed to accept ‘the message’ of the losers, with the winners working to fulfill ‘the message’. It seemed they truly wanted to understand where the public stood, and was done in public. This hasn’t been the case for quite a few election cycles.

2 months ago

This is indicative of the political class. No different than GOP leaders pushing their consultant class on the newcomers. The consultant problem was highlighted decades ago, showing how they accomplished loss after loss, yet filled their pockets each election cycle. Don’t think for a minute they care about You or your concerns.


The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 months ago
Reply to  Greg

Those consultants were and are getting 2 paychecks, one is from the elites to push elitist policies. The other paycheck is from the GOP they are sabotaging.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 months ago

I see it as a stalemate for both side, and a big loss for America. Tell us what bad rhetoric you blame Trump for. It can be matched 10 to 1 with ridiculous statements from democrats. Trump served to get conservatives primary wins. Trump was not a big factor in the actual election, but it is hard to influence fraudulent votes. I see it as just more cheap Faux News rhetoric, that somehow Trump had bad rhetoric which hurt republics. When you start on a bad path following Faux narratives, it is hard to get back on track.

I saw nowhere in this campaign, the leading RINOs Mitch, Kevin, and so on getting out there to push for republican wins. That’s because they have no draw of influence. I see no criticism of that non-participation here or anywhere. It’s easy to criticize the person on stage instead of all the others working against the wins.