DCCC CTO hates the police, she perfectly represents who the Dems are


The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) new chief technology officer, Erica Joy Baker, hates the police. She wants everyone to know that if the police kill her, she would like every police precinct burned to the ground. Baker started with the DCCC on Monday, The Daily Caller reported.

She is the perfect representative for the Democrats. This is who they are.

Baker calls the police “pieces of sh**,” and she wants them defunded.

Remember all the carrying-on about Officer Sicknick who died after the January 6th riot by extremists? Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi were so traumatized by his death, called it murder? They are even planning to give gold medals to the Capitol Hill Police. Well, Dems pretend they care about the police when they can make political hay out of it. But this is what they really think — they are “grand pieces of sh**.”

Ms. Baker is a supporter of the communist Black Lives Matter movement.

Erica Joy Baker was a senior engineer at Slack and founding member of Project Include which promotes diversity and inclusiveness in the tech industry.

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