Parler is back and censoring factual stories


Parler is struggling to get their website fully operational so that could explain some of what is going on. However, they are censoring factual stories with factual descriptors.

They censored the NY Post yesterday and today it was the Sentinel.

Yesterday, they censored a NY Post story about the ex-gang member hired by Democrats:

Today, the Sentinel put up a brief, but factual story, about COV stimulus funding going to Ilhan Omar’s husband.

It was shared by another party on Parler and censored.

Parler won’t last long if this keeps up.

The title of the story is, Socialist Omar’s hubby got $635k in COV bailout $$ to consult with her. She is a self-described socialist and her husband did get the money. There is nothing wrong with the story. They need to adjust their filters and fast.

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