De Blasio Says All’s Well: 23% NYFD, 16% NYPD, 17% NYSD, 12% EMS Unvaxxed


Communist, clueless Mayor De Blasio says it’s no big deal that 9,000 city employees were forced onto unpaid leave today. About 2,300 NYC firefighters called in sick as the vaccine mandate kicked in.

“Nine thousand people [were] placed on leave without pay today,” Mitch Schwartz, a spokesperson for de Blasio’s office, told media outlets on Monday. “The rest are in various stages of having their accommodation requests reviewed. They can be at work.”

The Skinny

Another 12,000 workers didn’t submit proof of vaccination but avoided being sent home after applying for exemptions. 91 percent of the city’s municipal workforce had gotten at least one COVID vaccine shot as of Sunday night, and though there was a late surge of vaccinations ahead of Monday’s enforcement deadline, some city workers were already calling in sick over the past week

As of Monday, 19 percent of New York Fire Department employees remained unvaccinated, including 23 percent of the department’s firefighters, many of whom have been taking sick leave to protest the mandate.

Some 16 percent of the New York Police Department, which is made up of 36,000 officers and 19,000 civilian employees, also remain unvaccinated.

And 12 percent of the city’s FDNY EMS workers still hadn’t gotten a shot either.

Nearly one in five members of the New York Department of Sanitation’s workforce remained unvaccinated as of Monday. Despite a big surge in reported shots over the past two weeks, 17 percent of DSNY employees still hadn’t gotten one shot. 17 percent of sanitation workers remain unvaccinated.

Mayor de Blasio said Monday that fire, police, and EMS response times remained normal. That could be untrue. We’ll see how long the response time lasts. The filth in the city is accumulating fast with rats running around in the daytime.

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