Just When You Think We’ve Hit Bottom, Biden Apologizes for the US


There is no bottom low enough for Joe Biden to sink to or force the American people into. The ship is sinking and he’s taking us all down with him.

President Biden apologized to the world in a Monday speech at the United Nations Climate Change Conference for Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord

“I guess I shouldn’t apologize, but I do apologize for the fact the United States, the last administration, pulled out of the Paris accords and put us sort of behind the eight ball a little bit,” Biden said.

The other members of the Accord have done NOTHING since the US left. Their only goal is to get the US to pay for everything.

The world, the president asserted, had entered a “decisive decade” that will determine how extensive the damage from rising global temperatures will be, he said.

“It’s simple,” Biden said, “Will we act? Will we do what is necessary? Will we seize the enormous opportunity before us, or will we condemn future generations to suffering?”

It’s the age of Greta and the people in charge are Gretas.

Biden alluded to the billions of dollars in damages that extreme weather events and extensive wildfires have cost the U.S. this year alone, most of the wildfires had nothing to do with climate change.

“In the past few months the United States has experienced all of this, and every region of the world can tell a similar story,” he said.

Biden has zero credibility on the world stage.

Russia and China didn’t even bother to show up and have no intention of limiting their fossil fuel use, nor does India.


Biden was very late for the conference in Rome but apologized saying he was sorry but he was “playing with the elevators.”

Here is Joe Biden off by his lonesome at the G20.

Here’s Joe Biden, oh, wait, where is Joe Biden?

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