De Blasio under fire so he & Cuomo will give the ‘community’ more power over police


Rioters/protesters surrounded two police vans this weekend, pushing a barrier up against one car. The police cars moved forward slowly as the anarchists continued to mob the cars. This incident led the mayor and governor to insist they will give more power to the community over police. The community in this case includes Al Sharpton and equally repugnant ‘leaders.’

The incident has the leftists screaming that they rammed into them. Mobs like this have used the tactic to attack police. This was nothing more than a photo-op for these organized rioters. When I went undercover during Occupy Wall Street, radical professors and other communists were training students and some gang kids to do exactly this.

Events unfolded as rioters pushed a barrier up against the one vehicle to stop the car. The police vehicle butted the barrier to get free. The other vehicle slowly moved through the mob as they continued to surround and pummel the vehicle.

Mobs have burned more than 27 police vehicles and injured officers.

This is the ‘ramming’:

Mayor of New York City, Bill DeBlasio gave quasi, weak support of the police and is now in trouble with the hard left — Democrats — who are calling for his resignation. In response, he hopes to give people like Al Sharpton more control of police.

Communist De Blasio:


As a result, paying homage to the mobs and criminals — their voter base, communist de Blasio and hard-left Cuomo plan to redo the 50a which gives the community leaders the right to make changes when they don’t like the officer in their community. One of the big changes, under the false mantra of “building trust between police and community,” is to publish disciplinary records of police officers.

They promise other “big changes” too. Pretty soon, criminals and foreigners here illegally will run the state.

This is a war of communists/globalists against traditional America. Most people don’t even know we’re at war. They think it’s because of #OrangeManBad.  It’s all Trump’s fault.

It’s not Trump, it’s what he represents and is trying to do—-bring back America.

Not only is New York banning bail in many cases and releasing criminals while protecting criminals from foreign lands, but they are also planning to make it impossible for police to do their job.


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