De Blasio’s Jew hunters nabbed Rabbis studying with masks


Why are Americans allowing this? Rabbis sitting a distance apart studying — with masks — were busted by de Blasio’s enforcement squad, which used to be the NYPD. They used to arrest criminals, but no need for that now. New York City doesn’t have criminals, they only have victims who need reform.

The Rabbis were reportedly given summonses up to $1,000. This took place in a synagogue on Hewes Street. We received the information second-hand and haven’t been able to confirm, but are working on it. In any case, it’s clear they are singled out, in general. They are congregating but almost all wear masks.

Even if you’re not Jewish, even if you are a Democrat, can’t you see how wrong this is?

Where are the free Kosher meals? I mean, he gave Halal meals to half a million Muslims.

It isn’t the only case:

Look at the hatred in this clip:


This is going on all over Williamsburgh upon de Blasio’s (née Warren Wilhelm) orders. Union President Pat Lynch has told his members not to get involved in social distancing.

Generally, the Orthodox Jews don’t have smartphones to take video or photos.

We are adding to this article as we get more information and hope to get an interview.



      • Democrat voters are like battered wives. No matter how bad their “leaders” make their lives…they vote for more extreme leftists and Islamists and anyone else who will work against their interests. It’s shocking. The dumbness of it is shocking.

    • Well the Jews insist on voting Demmie, don’t they? And conservatives are supposed to fight for them? Apparently they enjoy being whipped.

  1. Boy, if this doesn’t look like a page out of history. You would normally find those in a Beit Midrash to be packed tightly together when studying. So to see such distance is unprecedented.

    What is this, FIVE cop cars storming the place.

  2. This has to be the worse Mayor in the USA however, the people of NY put this buffoon in office at least twice and now they’re whining about his jackbooted methods. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I understand that he isn’t even a native New Yorker but a transplanted Boston Red Sox fan. So in closing you reap what you sow.

      • He learned from Trump, let the idiot Dumbocrats expose themselves. Usually Dem voters have short attention spans, and even shorter memories, perhaps not this time.

    • The legal community is slow at ‘best’–that’s how so millions of lawyers manage to collect those paychecks. Barr’s slowfolk are likely overwhelmed with slow moving joy just poking through all the krap like this drifting through.

  3. He knows Muslims wouldn’t put up with this treatment but the Jews will.
    Comrade Wilhelm is in alliance with his religion of peace comrades to destroy capitalism and America starting with the largest city NYC.

  4. Perhaps some sort of agreement could be worked out. The City can agree to drop the charges if The JEWS agree to wear a yellow “Star of David” armband whenever there go out in public.

    Don’t forget, 75 years ago last week, the United States Army liberated Dachau ‘recreation facility’. Oh, wait. The JEWS already forgot. That’s why they continue to vote Democrat!

    • I’m sure De Blasio doesn’t even touch the Islamists when they congregate in their mosques in NYC even keeping the “social distance” to not to create a social turmoil. They just celebrated their Ramadan. Double standard of Di Blasio Law.

  5. I have said for a very long time that if what happened in WWII Germany ever happens again anywhere else, it will happen right here in the United States. God, I hope I’m wrong, but this is how it starts. And I don’t understand for the life of me why New York, of all places, with the largest Jewish population of any State in the nation, is electing someone like DeBlasio as their Mayor.

    • The city [Manhattan] is about 97% Democrat and if the person has a ‘D’ in front of his/her name, that’s it. Unfortunately, the people also don’t vote and the opponent didn’t stir anyone.

  6. The one thing this Wuhan Press Pandemic Virus has exposed is the State and Federal Nazi and Communist tyrants the sheep have voted into office.
    So voters what do you plan on doing about this mess you made?

  7. Maybe look a little deeper when it comes to the Jewish vote. John Kasich went to New York to a Jewish bookstore and walked around outside. What he did was pretty much “mock” the Jews for their beliefs. So tell me, you want to know why some Jews vote Democrat. That’s not the only instance. I’ll never forget the time Ann Coulter told a Jewish host he needs to convert to he can be a “complete” Jew. A “complete Jew”?? What was he, defective. So tell me, you want to know why some Jews vote Democrat. There’s a long history.

  8. Did anyone ever think, that it would come to this?
    Martin Niemöller quote:
    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  9. Maybe we should see about manufacturing and air-dropping a few hundred FP-45 Liberators over Manhattan, so that when De Blasio escalates things, the Jews will be prepared?

  10. DeBlasio Mussolini is a bloodthirty sadistic tyrant. He is a dangerous antisemite. His rage is driving him for genocide and eviction of the whole Jewish Community of NYC. He believes the lie that ALL Jews are carriers of the Covid Virus and believes they were soley responsible for bringing it to NYC. Deblasio Mussolini also read the Fake Book The Protocol Elders of Zion for his antisemitic ideas. He may have read Mein Kampf for more violence and murder he may plan with the NYPD for the Jewish Community even if they ALL have obeyed the quarantine laws to the letter. This demonic man means real bad business.

  11. The truth is this I also must add: The Jewish Community large and broad in NYC are the best citizens here in this place. They build much of NYC’s Classic Institutions of art, culture, science and major medical advances with Mt. Sinai Hospital along with excellent food and the best morals of Judaic religion. IF Mayor Mussolini destroys them then NYC will lie in ruins as Berlin did right after WW2.

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