Dr. Birx says no one talks of ‘herd immunity’ without a vaccine [which might never come]


Dr. Birx told Jeanine Pirro last night on her Fox show, ‘Justice with Jeanine,’ that we don’t know who has the conditions that are affected by herd immunity, therefore, we can’t rely on herd immunity at all. We need a vaccine.

She claims no one would use the term ‘herd immunity’ without a vaccine. But that’s not what Germany, Sweden, and Brazil would say. Nor would Dr. Levitt of Stanford.

If we don’t get the vaccine, we’ll all die from not having an income.

She, of course, doesn’t mention the fact that we might never get a vaccine and, even if we do, it might be only partially effective. Birx really likes to push vaccines and has no regard for herd immunity.

We think she ties her scarves too tight, it’s deprived her of oxygen for too long.

Go to 5:45:

Dr. Erickson also doesn’t agree with her and was interviewed by Turn to 23. Definitely watch that interview on this link if you haven’t yet!

The communists on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have removed it from the net. No opinion but theirs is allowed. The only reason I survive on Twitter is I keep a low profile and on Facebook, I go under sites not under our name. As for YouTube, they just took a YouTube video down of Tucker talking about how we are losing our freedoms.

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