De Blasio’s NYC welcomes in the new year with six shootings


De Blasio’s New York City welcomed in the new year with six separate shootings overnight.

The latest incident took place in Queens, where three men were shot inside a hotel. One 22-year-old victim died of his injuries.

Police were called around 1 a.m. to the Umbrella Hotel Kew Gardens on Queens Boulevard.

Investigators say two groups of men were fighting inside the hotel when one group opened fire on another.


Two others, ages 20 and 40, were hospitalized with severe injuries.

Police believe there were two shooters but say they’re looking for a total of five people.

In East New York, Brooklyn, a 33-year-old woman was shot in the leg by a stray bullet while sitting in her second-floor apartment on Lincoln Avenue. She was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

Four other shootings were reported on the Upper East Side, in the Bronx, another part of Queens, and Washington Heights.

But don’t worry, de Blasio and his wife are fiddling while NYC burns:

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A Postcard from Screwtape
A Postcard from Screwtape
2 years ago

Don’t they have the shot spotter technology that goes on top of buildings?
Yes it is Big Brotherish but people who act like wards of the state should get treated that way.
Locally the authorities said no shooting off at midnight, and there was a record amount of it.
You can tell the difference between firecrackers and a pistol magazine emptying or shotgun blasting off.
No need to lie, I enjoyed all the racket and luckily no one was hurt.
Comrade DeBlasio doesn’t care about the chaos and misery as that is a feature and not a bug to liberation theology kooks.
He doesn’t care about poor persons of African American ancestry living in public housing either but right now they have some political usefulness.

Church tradition says the reason for war in heaven was Satan’s demand for equality with God. That tradition is supported by one of Satan’s temptations of Christ, where he offers Christ all the kingdoms of the world if he will bow down and worship him. Like today’s cultural Marxists, Satan demands equality but really seeks to be top dog…

William S. Lind