Dear Leader Fears the GOP Will Crash the Economy – He Uses Magic Math


Dear Leader, Joe Biden is worried that Republicans might destroy this wonderful economy with inflation and unaffordable gas and home energy prices. Biden uses magic math.

He and his team of incompetents have done nothing good for the stock market. Biden going completely North Korea with the propaganda. Will we all have to hang up portraits of him in our living rooms one day and swear an oath to his religion of climate change?

Mark Levin said, “The reason Biden is saying the GOP will make inflation worse is because everyone knows the economy is going to get much worse due to what he and his party have done. Biden is trying to cover his sorry ass for what will be further energy and food price increases and even shortages, stagflation, and higher inflation and interest rates. Biden and the Democrats have unleashed a potential depression.”

There is little doubt in my mind that Joe Biden will blame the recession on Republicans. He’s setting them up.

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Some commenters on social media hope he meets Liz Truss’s fate. The magic didn’t work on them.


KJP falsely claims to Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich that Republicans would “repeal” Social Security and Medicare if they retake Congress in November, adding the economy’s strong because Biden “put in the work.” That’s more of the North Korean thing they’ve got going.

No one believes that, no one. He didn’t put in any work and nothing good is happening.


The White House on Monday claimed the “economy turned back on” under Biden’s watch, The Washington Times reports.

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics says only about 514,000 jobs have been nearly created,” said the reporter, Fox News correspondent Jacqui Heinrich. “How are people supposed to take this kind of messaging on their most important issue seriously when some of this feels like smoke and mirrors?”

That is true. We lost 10 million jobs during the pandemic and the 10 million he brags about replaced the lost jobs.

No Magic there.

KJP kept insisting they cut the deficit. We are experiencing the financial repercussions of Biden’s massive social spending agenda, which injected a torrent of money into an overheated economy.

More North Korean style propaganda.

Mia Cathell does a great job of explaining how this is a lie at Townhall. Democrats spent wildly, increased the deficit, then claimed they reduced the deficit.

Donald Trump, no matter what you think of “orange man,” his economy was great and Biden’s is a disaster, but Biden does have his magic math.


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