Debate commission strikes again with the mute button


The biased left Commission on Presidential Debates will mute microphones allegedly to allow each candidate the opportunity for uninterrupted remarks during this week’s final forum.

According to the commission, the mute button will be featured at the start of each 15-minute segment during opening comments. After that time, both mics will be turned on without a mute option to enable debate.

You know that Democrat activist Welker will use it at other times on the President to humiliate him and cut him short on major points.

The first debate, disastrously run by Chris Wallace, became a free-for-all with a frustrated President Trump doing most of the interrupting. The questioning was aimed at protecting Joe Biden when Wallace wasn’t debating Trump himself.

The commission scrapped the second match when they unilaterally changed it to a virtual debate, and Trump refused to attend.

In place of the nixed debate, the two candidates held dueling town halls.

According to a Fox News network analysis, the president interrupted Biden or Fox News moderator Chris Wallace 145 times. For his part, Biden interrupted a total of 67 times, according to the same Fox analysis. Wallace also interrupted constantly.

Trump’s re-election campaign earlier Monday voiced concerns over the possibility of a debate rule change allowing mic feeds to be cut.

But despite the change, of course, Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said later Monday that the president will still debate Biden.

“President Trump is committed to debating Joe Biden regardless of last-minute rule changes from the biased commission in their latest attempt to provide an advantage to their favored candidate,” Stepien said in a statement.

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