Debate News: Kelly Points Out to Christie That People Hate Him


Debate moderator Megyn Kelly asked Chris Christie about his 2.2% poll numbers and the fact that no one likes him.

Kelly explained that people think he is only in the race to attack former President Donald Trump. “His approval rating with Republicans is currently at 81 percent, yours is at 25,” Kelly began. “Your best state is New Hampshire, and even there, two-thirds of GOP voters say they would be angry and disappointed if you won.”

“Respectfully, governor, you have not stopped Mr. Trump, and voters may wonder how you could possibly become the nominee of a party that does not appear to like you very much,” Kelly continued.

Christie looked annoyed, and did what he always does, said the other guy is so much worse.

“You want to know why those poll numbers are where they are? Because folks like these three guys on the stage make it seem like his conduct is acceptable,” Christie said of his former ally. “Let me make it clear, his conduct is unacceptable, he’s unfit, and be careful of what you’re going to get. If you ever got another Donald Trump term, he’s letting you know I am your retribution,” he continued, repeating the “dictator” talking point advanced by mainstream media outlets and Liz Cheney.

Thus, answering Kelly’s question. He’s only in it to hurt Donald Trump. Also, Trump never said he was anyone’s retribution.

It’s disgusting how he uses the language of the hard left.

It was very wise of Donald Trump to give these debates a pass.

What’s this? It looks like the bloviating candidate is yelling at Megyn.

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Plato v2.0
Plato v2.0
2 months ago

Hey Chris, I’m going to let Bruce tell you one last time!
If the link don’t work or is gone look it up on youtube “Last Boy Scout No body likes you”