Judge Dismisses Arizona Case to Kick Donald Trump Off the Ballot


A federal court in Arizona dismissed the case challenging Donald Trump’s eligibility to run for president.

The case, filed by John Anthony Castro, a Republican primary presidential candidate, sought to contest Trump’s appearance on Arizona’s Presidential Preference Election ballot.

John Anthony Castro

United States District Judge Douglas L. Rayes ruled that Castro lacked the necessary standing to bring his claim, leading to the dismissal of the case.

Castro would have had to show that he suffered specific and actual harm from Mr. Trump’s candidacy. The court found that at the time of filing, the evidence didn’t show that Castro was in direct competition with Trump or that he would be specifically harmed by Trump being on the election ballot.

Castro is not a legitimate candidate.

Castro’s campaign finance reports showed only $678 in contributions, making him an insignificant candidate. The court took notice.

Castro, a tax attorney, has run for various positions.

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