Debate ratings for impeachment party candidates spells danger


Ratings for the Democrat debates hit a pathetic six million people, four million on CNN and two million on PBS. Counting Livestream and digital and social media, the total only reached 8.3 million. It’s the smallest audience yet.

According to Legal Insurrection, the high for debates was 33 million. That’s when Fox News was involved.

Last year, the viewership hit 18 million.

There are some extraneous reasons. For example, it is the holiday season and people are busy. Also, a lot of people have already made up their minds, and the Democrat candidates aren’t offering anything new from debate to debate. The field is smaller but that means some people lost the candidate of their choice.

The ratings are dropping each debate when they should be going up. By rights, if this were going well, it would get more exciting.

The more than 20 far-left authoritarian hopefuls allowed on the debate stage at the beginning have dwindled to seven in number. Cory Booker and Deval Patrick, men of color, are still in the race with a few others but the party of inclusiveness couldn’t let them on stage given their low polling. Tulsi Gabbard, their rogue Democrat, a woman of color, could have gone on stage but protested the debate.

On stage was a South Bend mayor with a pathetic record as mayor, two very scary communists who want all our stuff, a far-left elderly man with some kind of brain disorder, a billionaire hysteric who doesn’t have all his oars in the water, and a nice Asian communist who does outlandish things for attention.

The real disappointment for Democrats and especially the impeachment network, CNN, is that their big impeachment story isn’t resonating, not in polls, and not in TV ratings. In fact, it’s helped the President in ratings.

Most voters polled now say the impeachment is an abuse of power by Democrats.

And there is another interesting figure from Rasmussen that spells danger for the Impeachment Party — 49% say anti-Trump Democrats are driven more by Hillary’s loss than Trump crimes.

And there’s this, they moved to impeach the President and his polling numbers went up six points.

Watch the clip of crazy debate moments:

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