Deepest betrayal of America! Map lists colleges forcing critical race theory on students


“what’s being taught on campuses is that the … most important thing … is the color of your skin”

~ Cornell law professor, William A. Jacobson


Critical Race Theory is being taught in colleges and universities, and in government. It is a racist, anti-white program that is the antithesis of what this nation is about. It uses racism to claim they’re battling racism.

One professor has developed a map that parents and prospective students can go to that shows which schools teach it or are guided by it.

Professor Jacobson, who runs the website, Legal Insurrection, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Thursday. The purpose was to talk about his new database and interactive map of Critical Race Training in Higher Education, He and his colleagues are “trying to empower parents and students.”

His organization is getting insane traffic.

Legal Insurrection Foundation, a tax-exempt research, and investigative entity spent six months researching and documenting CRT in higher education.

It is the most comprehensive database, currently over 200 colleges and universities and growing, with an interactive map by state.

Each school page contains not only a listing of ongoing activities but also a custom search function to obtain the most up-to-date information.

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