Deeply Troubling: 47% of Small Biz Owners Might Fail by Fall


Alignable chart of small biz owners

Alignable’s Small Business Revenue Report comes out today and the news is troubling. The report is based on a poll of 4,392 randomly selected small business owners conducted from 6/10/22 to 7/13/22, along with historic data from 680,000 surveyed since March 2020.  Here are key highlights:

  • 47% of small business owners (SMBs) say they’re businesses are at risk of closing by Fall of ’22, unless economic conditions improve significantly
  • That’s up 12 percentage points from last summer, when only 35% were concerned about economic issues forcing them to shut down
  • And SMBs in key industries face even bigger problems: 59% of retailers are at risk, along with 52% in construction51% in the automotive sector, and 50% of restaurant owners.
  • Supporting these unfortunate trends, the total percentage of SMBs reporting that they’ve fully recovered has dropped 7 percentage points since last summer. In the Summer of ’21, 33% were fully recovered. But now, that number has declined to a new low: just 26%.
  • Looking at different states and provinces, small businesses in CO (54%), MI (52%), OH (51%), PA (51%) , and Texas (51%) are struggling the most.
  • In Canada, small businesses in British Columbia (47%) and Ontario (46%) top the list.

To see more details, review Alignable’s Small Business Revenue Report here.

See the poll here.

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