This Is Democrat Justice – The Story of Ruben Beltran


Soros-funded Los Angeles DA George Gascon could soon be recalled. He is pro-criminal and pro-crime. He won’t allow prosecutors to attend parole hearings, giving him free rein to do whatever he wants, along with his public defender cronies. What they want to do is always to favor the criminal as much as possible. Such was the case of Ruben Beltran, one of many such cases.

This is Democrat justice.


By the end of the year, Los Angeles County DA Gascón is disbanding a group of victim advocates and prosecutors in the DA’s office who notify victims and their family members about their assailant’s parole hearings, sources tell Fox News.

The Parole Unit, also known as the “Lifer Unit,” will be disbanded by the end of the year. The move comes after Gascon has banned prosecutors from attending parole hearings.


In Jan. 2021, Ruben Beltran, a pedophile was imprisoned for raping and sodomizing a 6- and 8-year-old sister and brother in 2004. He had a parole hearing on July 13, 2022, and the victims had to face him without a LADA prosecutor, per then-new George Gascon’s policy.

However they found help from a group soon-to-be disbanded and parole was DENIED.

Ruben Beltran

The family told Bill Melugin it was hard to see Beltran, and  even though Gascon banned LADA prosecutors from attending parole hearings, the family had a group of volunteer attorneys via Marsy’s law helping them. Gascon has banned DDA’s from telling victims about these volunteers.

Ruben Beltran, a convicted pedophile, has been imprisoned since May 2004, serving a sentence of 15 to life after he was convicted of sexual assault of a child with intent to commit sodomy by force or fear.

The LA deputy deputy district attorneys who successfully prosecuted the case against him were barred from attending the man’s upcoming parole hearing as part of District Attorney George Gascón’s reforms, and the mother of the victims is outraged.

The family was very worried the pedophile could be released.


In the early 2000s, Beltran raped and assaulted a young girl when she was six, and a young boy when he was eight. Beltran was a friend of the family, and took advantage of their trust.

The victims, now successful adults, both spoke with FOX 11 Wednesday night. Their identities will not be revealed.

“God, I was so young,” the sister said. “I was probably five or six, my parents had just been divorced when I was three or four, and [Beltran] moved in to ‘help repair the home,’ and so quickly after that, he just changed and turned into a manipulative monster.”

“He raped me,” the brother said. “The really hard part about it was I was a little boy, I didn’t have the words. The thing that’s so scary about him is he identifies the weak one he can hurt.”

The victims’ mother, Constance, describes Beltran as a monster.

“The perpetrator is a serial rapist, child rapist, he doesn’t have any preference for sex, age, race, he is a dangerous person,” she said.

Constance tells FOX 11 she was stunned when she recently received a letter from the state notifying her that Beltran would have his first parole hearing on March 11.

The shock was made even worse when the family learned that under D.A George Gascón’s reforms, their prosecutor won’t be allowed to attend Beltran’s parole hearing, and the family will be left to argue against his release on their own.

“Somehow the responsibility is in our court to protect society, and that’s simply not how it’s supposed to work,” the brother said.

“There’s just every element of protection for him, this violent monster criminal, and very little protection for us,” the sister said.

“I do not feel prepared, we are not attorneys,” Constance said. “We’re just a family, now we have to take on the role of law enforcement and take on the burden of trying to defend the community rather than the people who should be defending the community.”

Constance sent Gascón a letter, pleading with him to reconsider his blanket policy, and asking him to consider allowing their prosecutor to attend Beltran’s hearing, but she never heard back.

“I feel like he should be representing us, and I don’t understand his thinking,” she said.

A representative for Gascón told FOX 11 they have no comment in response to this report.

“It doesn’t sound like he’s the type of man who would be paroled, but he’s an actor, and he’s a sociopath,” the sister said.

“I was so scared that it took me years to tell the truth about what happened to me,” the brother said. “It was just fear, he’s genuinely the kind of person you should be really scared of.”

The family says they reached out to all of the L.A. County Board of Supervisors for help, but only Kathryn Barger and Janice Hahn’s staff responded.

Hahn’s staff said in an email they will bring the family’s concerns to Gascón’s office.

Gascon only cares about the criminals.

The normal people of Los Angeles are trying to get DA Gascon recalled. They have over 715,000 signatures so far.

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