Deranged LA Supervisors Want to Remove Sheriff for Policing


The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Monday directed their attorney to draft a proposed ballot measure to give themselves the power to remove Sheriff Alex Villanueva following repeated clashes between both parties.

Sheriff Villanueva

They are basically trying to override the will of the voters so they can continue promoting their pro-criminal, rampant crime policies. The Sheriff is actually keeping LA from complete anarchy. They should give him a raise.

Sheriff Villanueva decided to clean up the filthy, drug-infested vagrant camps. The LA county supervisors are enraged that he did so and want him out.

The board voted 4-1, with Supervisor Kathryn Barger casting the lone dissenting vote. The matter would still need final passage from the board for it to be put in front of voters on Nov. 8.

If passed, it would give the panel the power to remove an elected sheriff “for cause” with a four-fifths vote.

In a Monday letter to the board, Villanueva blasted the proposal, calling it “recipe for corruption.” He further said it would allow “board members to intimidate sheriffs from carrying out their official duties to investigate crime”, Fox News reports.

These people are corrupt and deranged.

You can read the entire response here:

Villanueva is a centrist Democrat. He has fought the board over its “defund the police” stance, enabling a growing homeless population, and support of social welfare programs for criminals in lieu of jail time, Washington Examiner reports.

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