Deeply Troubling Findings in WI 2020 Election


The Wisconsin Committee on Campaigns and Elections hearing began on Wednesday, and it exposed some deeply troubling evidence, but it will be ignored.

Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman is leading an election review in the state. Investigators are calling for an audit of the 2020 election based on the findings.

Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington tweeted some of the findings from today’s hearing.

There are 119,283 ‘active voters’ registered who are over 100 years of age; 157,000 voters in Wisconsin have the same registration number; 42,000 inactive voters voted. And 64,000 people listed as voting in Nov. 2020 were switched to inactive voters AFTER the election. That is THREE TIMES the election margin. That’s just a snapshot of the problems with the voter rolls.

Harrington noted that there is “evidence Wisconsin’s voter rolls are artificially inflated before every election.” She tweeted that “576,976 or 15.9% of registered voters were turned to inactive after the 2016 election.” She further explained that there was a 72% turnout in November 2020 but it was actually a 90% turnout of “active” voters. “One big advantage of inflating the database is it makes the turnout look lower…it disguises…a lot of phantom ballots, or harvesting a lot of ballots.”

There are so many other irregularities, read on:

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Robots In Disguise
Robots In Disguise
5 months ago

Cheesheadland is too cold for Chiquitastan bananas.
Dumbed down to a third world rathole, thanks fellow travelers of the Uniparty Deep State that Eisenhower warned us about.
Some say that ol’ Ike had a twinge of conscience and was concerned about the future of America as if that is a bad thing.

O/T-Just wait till lefty gets ahold of conscience! Maybe Fauci could be the czar of that as well in Faucikanda.

David Burgess
David Burgess
5 months ago

I hate “news” articles that aren’t much more than cutting and pasting a bunch of tweets.

5 months ago

An expose of something everybody already knows is not news. Now, when something concrete, specific is actually done to end this corruption that will be the real news.