Deeply Troubling Uh Uh Presser with Joe Biden


Joe Biden blanked out for15 seconds during a presser on Thursday. We generally put up as many of these dementia-like responses because he’s the President and appears to be unfit. The world knows it but no one is insisting on a cognitive examination except for a few Republicans like Rep. Jackson, who is also a doctor.

The presser was on masks. Experts now say cloth masks don’t work and people need to wear N95s or KN95s. Biden addressed the issue in his customary fashion.

“We have also helped make sure that high-quality masks are widely available, in ample supply, at affordable prices, sold online and in stores,” Biden said during the speech, according to a White House transcript. “But I know that for some Americans, a mask is not always affordable or convenient to get.”

“Now, I don’t like to, uh, uh, you know, ugh, outline the next steps we’re taking against, uh — I’d, I’d like to outline the next steps we’re taking against ova — uh, the omicron variant,” Biden said during the 14-second clip. (watch the clips below).

In addition to funding 500 million tests for Americans, he’s planning to fund free masks.

The U.K. Daily Mail called the mask speech “Biden’s 48 hours from hell.” It was awful and embarrassing – painful. They are also including his ever-plunging poll numbers and his inability to eliminate the filibuster so he can pass his Build Back Socialist bill.

Democrat Senators Manchin and Sinema won’t vote for carving out the filibuster or for the spending in the BBB bill. Manchin said he won’t eliminate the filibuster and “tear down the only fence” against the “tyranny of the majority”. That’s exactly right.

So, Biden wanted it to look like he was doing something about COVID and here you go.

As usual, he won’t take any questions. He can’t answer competently. Meanwhile, Democrats who stuck us with this mentally unfit man kept trying to get DJT out of office for being unfit when he clearly was not.

Watch the blank look on his face:

Kamala also made a fool of herself. She is in way over her head. In the Primary, she was a 0%er. That should have been a dead giveaway. But she’s not white, ya know?

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