Defense Files a Motion for Dismissal Based on Prosecutorial Misconduct


The prosecutor, the evil ADA Binger, aimed a rifle at people in the court today during a demonstration, with his finger on the trigger, ala Alec Baldwin. Don’t you love it when the Left tries t explain a gun case?

Then after the Judge gave the opposite instructions to the jury, the ADA said Rittenhouse can’t claim self-defense if he had a gun.

Matt Walsh wrote on Twitter: By this logic, nobody who owns a gun has a right to use it in self-defense. This is an explicit assault on our basic Second Amendment rights. That’s how this weasel has framed the entire case.

ADA Binger tried to say it was intentional homicide with no evidence. He also tried to convince the jury without evidence that Kyle yelling, “friendly, friendly, friendly” was to trick Rosenbaum. Where’s the evidence? One thing is certain, Binger has an active imagination, devious though it is.

After the weapons charge was dismissed, Binger claimed Rittenhouse had the gun illegally. Under Wisconsin law, Rittenhouse was allowed to carry the gun and the prosecution agreed.

And the surveillance video was enhanced and misused.

God, Binger is exhausting.

Anyway, the defense team had enough. They filed a motion with Kenosha County Judge Bruce Schroeder to have the case dismissed over allegations of prosecutorial misconduct.

“The state has repeatedly violated instructions from the Court, acted in bad faith and intentionally provided technological evidence which was different from theirs,” the motion reads.

“For those reasons, the defendant respectfully requests the Court find ‘prosecutorial overreaching’ existed, that overreaching was intentional and in bad faith and thereby grant the defendant’s motion for a mistrial with prejudice,” the filing read.

Schroeder hasn’t ruled yet.

Seriously, how does Binger get away with saying the opposite of the judge who gave the jury instructions they all agreed with?

Kyle went to help Car Source as the Car Source officials testified and it looks like they need the help.

This case became a race case when the people involved are all white. The lying media did that. It’s the media and the President who said Kyle was a white supremacist with no information. And, as it turns out, it was not true.

When Kyle, who has PTSD from the incident, cried, the media mocked him claiming he was “weaponizing white tears.” That’s just typical MSM crap. I am sick of it.

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