Defund the police people are worried about the health of the Secret Service


The Secret Service trended on Twitter all day on Sunday after the President appeared in a van to wave to his supporters standing outside the medical center with flags and placards. Democrats then immediately took to Twitter to bash the President for allegedly endangering the officers for a photo-op.

They really, really care about Secret Service agents. Do you believe that?


Even with the President ill and showing tremendous will power, working through his illness, Democrats are using the opportunity to malign him. Jake Tapper was particularly despicable, saying, you are “a symbol of your own failures.” One must wonder how long it took to come up with that line.

Some wished the President would die.

However, there were also these large numbers of supporters who stood outside Walter Reed waving Trump and US flags to let him know they were rooting for him.

President Trump sent out chocolate the night before, but the next day, he ordered pizzas for them every 45 minutes.

The President wanted to show his appreciation and his doctors okayed the President getting into his van with the Secret Service to travel past the crowds and wave. It was a nice gesture and his supporters appreciated it.

Precautions were taken to protect the Secret Service and these are the people who are with him all the time anyway.

Catherine Herridge reported, Deputy Press Secretary tells @markknoller “Appropriate precautions were taken in the execution of this movement to protect POTUS + all those supporting it, including PPE…cleared by the medical team as safe to do.”


Democrats went wild ripping into the President, claiming they were concerned about the safety and health of the Secret Service.

Democrats, the people who want to defund the police and abolish ICE, want us to believe they are very concerned about the welfare of the Secret Service who accompanied President Trump.

A sampling of the many outrageous comments from reporters and other Democrats:

Washington Post ‘reporter’ Jennifer Rubin did indeed tweet 52 times. Her hatred of President Trump is obsessive and bizarre. Seriously, the number of tweets and her new tweets today should worry her family.

Nasty people.

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Sidey Spense
Sidey Spense
3 years ago

Remember all the Secret Service disarray around Hussein Hopenchange with the street walkers and all that?
Banana Republic crony capitalist status took a long time to reach and the resentment powderkeg has been building since Bush/Gore.
The complete and total eradication of the representative constitutional republic is the goal of a fifth column of globalist traitors embedded within.
Globalists have zero loyalty to any nation, tribe or ethnic group and religious creed.
Their hatred of humanity has no bounds and they pay more than just lip service to Ol’ Scratch or Captain Howdy.