DEI Conspiracy in the Air Force


James O’Keefe’s undercover reporter found that the Air Force is conspiring to continue spreading anti-American DEI by sneakily changing titles to trick the public.

BREAKING: DEI Conspiracy in Air Force: “We basically contacted everybody who had a title like that and got them to sneakily change their title so it doesn’t sound as diversity oriented even though it is,” reveals Jake Reyna, @DeptofDefense and @USAirForce Operations Research Analyst for the @SecAFOfficialin the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Believing Republicans have attempted to cut back on the government’s use of discriminatory DEI policies “just to fuck with the [DEI] system,” Reyna confesses on undercover footage caught by O’Keefe Media Group that the Air Force manipulates job titles to cheat the system out of a higher salary for DEI personnel.

We’re Weasels

Bragging, “We just weaseled around it,” Reyna claims, “there’s nothing really they [Republicans] would be able to do.”

The cover-up does not end there. Reyna states about his office, “We’re actually moving into this other group called Manpower and Readiness” to stay under the radar.

Mandatory DEI Training With No Data to Back It Up

Reyna confirms DEI training is mandatory for airmen, and if an airman does not participate in DEI training, he “wouldn’t be qualified for promotions or he’d get reprimanded and…he’d get written up” before eventually being dishonorably discharged, which includes being stripped of all benefits.

Tasked with developing programs like the Workforce Analytics Dashboard that lists the demographics of the Air Force with an emphasis on “race, ethnicity, and gender,” Reyna admits the Air Force has no data to support its DEI policies. “I don’t know if there’s any specific data you can provide outside of just saying like, yeah, we’re getting more diverse talking about changing officers.”

Asked, “In your experience, have you seen or have you come across any data that actually serves as evidence that, indeed, DEIA candidates or troops perform better than non-DEIA troops?”

Reyna responds, “No, I don’t think so.”

White Men Are Definitely Stupid

Empowered in the Air Force’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Reyna believes white men are “definitely stupid” and “definitely suck.”

“Do you think they [white men] make us weaker as a military?” asks OMG’s American Swiper. Reyna responds, “In some ways, probably.”

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