The Coronavirus Covid Cover Up Implicating Drs. Fauci & Collins


David Morens testified yesterday Before the House Select Subcommittee on the coronavirus pandemic. He is the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases senior scientific advisor and was Dr. Anthony Fauci’s longtime aide. Reporter Emily Kopp compiled the following information for US RIGHT TO KNOW.

Kopp wrote that emails and testimony from former Fauci aide David Morens trigger concerns about a criminal conspiracy at NIAID.

The Cover Up

memo and over 150 emails released by the subcommittee show that Morens avoided the Freedom of Information Act by deleting sensitive emails, conducting official business on a private email account, and working with the NIAID administrator in the Freedom of Information office to strategically misspell keywords that the public might request to be searched.

He received emails from his good friend at Eco Health Alliance President Peter Daszak. He is the scientist who subcontracted NIAID funding to the lab in Wuhan for experiments that made coronavirus more deadly—gain of function.

Morens repeatedly advocated for Eco-Health and Daszak from Fauci’s inner circle. He was the intermediary between Daszak and Fauci and often used his private Gmail account for those messages.

Tony Fauci Subverted Access to Public Records?

It looks like Tony Fauci used that account to subvert public records. Morens wrote an email referring to Tony Fauci‘s private email and also noted he could just hand it to him at work. In an email dated April 21, 2021, he wrote, “he is too smart to let colleagues send him stuff they could cause trouble. “

False Testimony

Emails show Morens and Daszak plotted ways to send information to Fauci without leaving a paper trail. Morens admitted he had discussed grants from NIAID to the Wuhan Institute of Urology with Fauci. That contradicts his statement to the committee earlier this year when he said he did not recall discussing Eco Health or the Wuhan lab with Fauci. That was false testimony. The committee may refer him to the DOJ for making false statements.

Last week, Morens said he would delete any smoking guns implicating any connection between Daszak’s organization and the COVID-19 pandemic.


Morens also wrote an email about the possibility of a kickback for helping to restore Eco Health Alliance NIAID funding. He was also very profane and disrespectful towards women in his emails.

In one email, he says that the reputations of Fauci and the National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins are affected by the reputation of Eco-Health and Daszak.

“From Tony’s numerous recent comments to me, and from what Francis has been vocal about over the past five days, they are trying to protect you, which also protects their own reputations, “ Morens wrote in October 2021.

Morens’s attorneys turned over 30,000 emails to the subcommittee in response to a subpoena before Daszak testified on May 1. Emails talked about a back channel, a kickback, and smoking guns. Morens said they just reflected black humor.

When the novel coronavirus emerged from the same city in China with a high-security lab specializing in coronaviruses, Daszak’s collaboration with the lab and with University of North Carolina gain-of-function corona virologist Ralph Baric came under scrutiny — including from non-virologists like Wenstrup.

Morens, Fauci, and Daszak all went into action, Kopp says.

Fauci met with virologists concerned about viral engineering, dispatched another aide to investigate any NIAID ties to the research, and met with Baric to discuss these papers. Daszak organized a letter in a prestigious scientific journal dismissing lab-origin concerns as conspiratorial.

Morens appears to have helped Daszak navigate around the NIH deputy directive for extramural researcher Matt Michael Lauer‘s request for more information about the Wuhan lab in 2020 as a condition of the grant’s reinstatement. This possibly hampered the US government from accessing more information about the research. The email contradicts Morens’ transcribed interview earlier this year. He could be exposing himself to criminal penalties.

Why Suggest He Join the CIA?

Representative Debbie Dingal’s suggestion raised eyebrows:


Sen. Rand Paul has launched a bipartisan investigation into bio-safety issues at the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. He called on the DOJ to investigate Morens and to give him immunity for testimony against the rest of them. I doubt that will happen with somebody as corrupt and partisan as Merrick Garland.

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