Dem Bill: No Caps on Foreign Workers & They Can Become Citizens


Sanders and Democrats favor BigTech & corporate lobbyists over American workers and their wages. Don’t believe me?

Look at the radical provisions hidden in their tax-and-spend spree that I’ve written Senator Sanders about.

~ Senator Bill Hagerty, October 22, 2021


Democrats mock anyone who says Americans are being replaced by foreigners from all around the globe, but there are provisions in the Reconciliation bill aimed at destroying the American worker that might make people think twice.

The American worker is completely abandoned by the Democrat party and some in the Republican party.

Tennessee Senator Bill Hagerty wrote to Bernie Sanders, who has long proclaimed his staunch support for the American worker, in the hope that he just didn’t know the provisions were in there.

There are radical provisions in the BUILD BACK BETTER bill that contain “several breathtaking immigration provisions that have long been the crown jewel of corporate lobbying.”

The bill will produce millions of more employment-based green cards available over the course of ten more years.

Senator Hagerty wrote in his letter that it gives a 10-year hiatus on the caps on green cards, basically unlimited green cards, which mean permanent residence for foreign workers right here in America. They won’t be vetted but they will get permanent residency, a path to citizenship.

US companies looking for cheap labor will be openly allowed to hire as many foreign workers as they desire, keeping wages down and shutting out American workers.

Unions won’t care. They’ll unionize the foreigners in time.

Anyone who gets these green cards, which will be passed out like water, will become a permanent resident which is a path to citizenship.

“These Big Tech companies can hire as many foreign workers as they want. They don’t have to worry about discriminating against American workers they can do it all day long. Just last week, Facebook actually had to settle a multi-billion-dollar suit for discriminating against American workers in favor of foreign workers. This provision basically allows that to happen all day long,” Senator Hagerty told Fox News last night on The Ingraham Angle.

Some of America’s best and highest paying jobs will go to foreigners instead of US college graduates.

Big Tech, and Big Corp in general, probably helped write the bill. The bill smacks of special interest groups throughout. It gives even more power to Silicone Valley, which is already dangerous, even taking our elections hostage. They have the wealth of a small country.

Certain fields will begin to close for American youth in America, such as technology, science, and more.

10 22 Hagerty Letter to Sanders by M on Scribd


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Us And Them
Us And Them
6 months ago

How the Deep State hates America and traditional Americans.

6 months ago

It’s Amazing how many people living in America hate America. This is all do to the Liberal Communist who have found a cushy home in the American Educational system and Federal Government. We have too much Government and too much Education. The Federal Government is too large and definitely corrupt. Our educational system is too large and totally misguided. Both need to run predominantly at the local level where people can keep an eye on what is going on. We can start downsizing the Federal Government with abolishing the Department of Education.

We have the highest legal Immigration in the World. Illegal Aliens don’t work for minimum wage and put downward pressure on wages. Democrats just hand out benefits to these people and print money to do it causing inflation. Illegal Immigrants damage the economy and just make the super rich richer.