Dem Bills Help Our Enemies Launch EMP & Cyber Attacks on Us


We haven’t heard much about EMPs for some time, but our enemies are exploring a surprise EMP attack as a first-strike option, under Beijing’s “New Blitzkrieg” strategy, according to Andrew Thornebrooke at The Epoch Times.

“The risk of an EMP attack on U.S. infrastructure is very high, particularly in this international environment.”


Peter Pry, an expert in electromagnetic pulse weapons, known as EMPs, published an op-ed on June 18 in The Hill stating that China might be planning an EMP attack on the U.S. He says we are still vulnerable and no one is doing anything about it

He explained the situation once again to Fox host Mark Levin last night on ‘Life, Liberty, and Levin.’

Pry says the COVID-19 pandemic “exposed dangerous weaknesses in U.S. planning and preparation for civil defense protection and recovery.” He argues despite the U.S. spending decades and billions on preparing for biological warfare, they “have not even been able to competently cope” with the coronavirus outbreak.

Pry also points to the ongoing “cold civil war” in the U.S. As he says, anarchists and criminals have been “infiltrating recent protests.” Mr. Pry adds that our “adversaries also have noticed.”

Adding to what Pry is saying is the intense hatred from this administration towards Americans who don’t agree with Democrats. All are being labeled domestic terrorists. The DoJ even formed a SWAT team to make it easier for the Biden-Garland gestapo to silence and attack people.

Mr. Pry believes that for the last quarter-century, China has been planning an EMP attack on the U.S. They are looking at a “Pearl Harbor” type of cyber attack.

Pry was the chief of staff to the Congressional EMP Commission and was a staffer on the House Armed Services committee. Pry has also authored several books, including most recently, The Power And The Light: The Congressional EMP Commission’s War To Save America 2001-2020.

In the event of a Third World War, this would be the most logical way for China to attack the US. Currently, war with Russia and China is on the table thanks to Biden.

Pry explains in the clip that millions put into Democrat infrastructure bills go to the wrong places. Millions of dollars for controlling EMPs are going to the Department of Energy that is an adversary of protecting the grid. The bills give millions to climate change initiatives that work against EMP and cyber preparedness. Listen to Mr. Pry explain.

Democrats will make us more vulnerable if they get their bills passed.


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