Dem board members refuse to stand for the flag in NC


Too many Democrats do not support America or the flag, even in North Carolina. For example, in Bladen County, North Carolina, three Democrat board members voted down a proposal to add the Pledge of Allegiance to the agenda. One attendee stood and said the Pledge anyway, with most people at the meeting and two board members following suit.

The Democratic chairwoman threatened to call the police if anyone did the same at the next meeting.

The board of elections meeting for the county had been attended and filmed in its entirety by a local reporter for the Bladen Online media outlet.

The meeting began with the request to add the Pledge and was raised by board member Emory White, a military veteran. Only White and the other Republican on the board, fellow veteran Michael Aycock, voted in favor of adding the Pledge to the agenda, while chairwoman Louella Thompson and fellow Democratic board members Deborah Belle and Patsy Sheppard voted against it.

Several people spoke out against voting down the Pledge and one person began to recite it, joined by most in attendance, including the two board members. The three Democrats remained seated, and would not stand for the flag.

Democrats unabashedly hold contempt for traditional America wherever you find them, even in North Carolina. What other possible message could they have, really?

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