Dem Candidate for Sheriff Suggests Killing People for Their Guns [Video]


The Democrat candidate for sheriff in Buncombe County, North Carolina has a unique platform. It includes taking a lot of guns from the people of Buncombe County and if they don’t hand them over, he has a fix for that.

He suggests that he will kill them and take the guns from their “cold, dead hands.” We wonder if Rep. Steve Scalise would find this humorous.

It’s really not funny given the fact that he would be the SHERIFF and the left is constantly threatening murder and mayhem in places like Berkeley.

He should try to take the guns in person and see how well that goes for him.

The video came via Red Elephants and they wonder if he swore to uphold the Constitution.


  1. The only reason Law enforcement enjoys the power they currently have is due to the willingness of the population to be controlled.
    When that willingness is no longer given, anarchy will ensue.
    This man is a moron.

    • What sucks is this asshole won’t come get my guns,he would send someone in his stead, then I would have to shoot an American

  2. The worst part was the scum filth laughing and applauding. Evil, subhuman trash.

    We need to rise up, people. Coexistence with the ProgLeft is impossible. They want us dead and they will NEVER leave us alone.

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