McCabe Writes a Pathetic Excuse for His Seeming “Lack of Candor”


Andrew McCabe wrote in an op-ed for the Washington Post on Friday that he learned of his dismissal “third-hand”. He confessed that when he realized some of his “answers were not fully accurate or may have been misunderstood”, he “took the initiative to correct them.”

In other words he said things that weren’t true.

He said He was “confused and distracted”.

Isn’t that what happened to Michael Flynn, but that was discounted? McCabe is the one who might have altered the 302s exonerating Flynn so that Mueller could prosecute him. The 302s indicated that the investigators did not believe Flynn lied. He was confused and forgetful, they wrote.

If true that he changed the 302s, he certainly got what he deserved.

He further wrote on the pages of the Post about his lack of candor:

“That is not true. I did not knowingly mislead or lie to investigators. When asked about contacts with a reporter that were fully within my power to authorize as deputy director, and amid the chaos that surrounded me, I answered questions as completely and accurately as I could. And when I realized that some of my answers were not fully accurate or may have been misunderstood, I took the initiative to correct them. At worst, I was not clear in my responses, and because of what was going on around me may well have been confused and distracted — and for that I take full responsibility. But that is not a lack of candor. And under no circumstances could it ever serve as the basis for the very public and extended humiliation of my family and me that the administration, and the president personally, have engaged in over the past year.


McCabe conceded that he was not 100% truthful, but claimed, “I did not knowingly mislead or lie to investigators.”

McCabe, an attorney, says he is not lying, but the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility says he did.

McCabe’s Past


When McCabe first responded, he said he notified then-Director Comey. James Comey had previously testified before Congress that he hadn’t authorized anyone to leak. McCabe’s statement, if true, means Comey gave him permission. Comey did leak to his professor friend and that was not legal.

McCabe wasn’t very nice to at least one former employee. She told Fox News that she has received at least 50 emails from agents expressing their joy at seeing one of these corrupt agents getting held to account. Watch:

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5 years ago

McCabe is trying to fix his image with the public, he knows the public cannot help him legally. If he is indicted his former deep state & democrat allies will not assist him. They will let him fall.