Dem Candidates Throughout the Nation Refuse to Debate


“Democracy dies in darkness,” and candidates not letting people know what they believe in is a “threat to democracy.” That being said, Democrats throughout the nation refuse to debate. They want to slide into office with just uncontested talking points.

According to CalMatters, Gov. Gavin Newsom is popping up in plenty of television ads. State controller candidate Malia Cohen is bloviating on her various social media feeds. Attorney General Rob Bonta will be busy attending plenty of press conferences. All refuse to debate their political opponents.

Democrats won’t debate the Republican candidates.

State Sen. Brian Dahle, who is running a long-shot campaign to unseat Newsom, cheered on Fox 11 anchor Elex Michaelson after the reporter offered to moderate a gubernatorial debate. Two hours later, attorney general candidate Nathan Hochman challenged Bonta to not one – but three debates — at minimum.

Democrats refuse to debate, and it is a pattern.

The refusal to debate is unprecedented. They are following the Biden playbook – campaign from the basement – and don’t let anyone find out what you plan to do.

Republicans either get refusals or agreements with no date.

Pennsylvania leftist John Fetterman has agreed to one debate with Dr. Oz but not until October 25th, after the early voting.

Far-left Democrat tyrant Kathy Hochul in New York says she will debate Lee Zeldin but won’t give a date and early voting starts next month.

It doesn’t look like Mary Peltola will debate in Alaska. She doesn’t need to. Democrats put corrupt ranked-choice voting in place to help Democrats.

Katie Hobbs won’t debate Kari Lake in Arizona for the gubernatorial. She has a lot to hide and is an outright refusal.

Tiffany Smiley can’t seem to get Democrat leftist Patty Murray to debate.

That’s not democracy.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
8 months ago

Look, it is simple.
History: there were great debates between famous and ‘learned’ professors for evolution and a bunch of pro-creation nobodies. The evolution would simply brush aside the pesky no-nothings.
Oops! – the creationists defeated them every time and suddenly no pro-evolution spouting person would debate. Tie to not give ‘misinformation = truth) a voice.
What was the advice to the sick (in body and mind) Democrat Senate candidate in PA: For goodness (actually evil) sake: Don’t help you opponents campaign. Don’t let the people see the contrast between our lies and the real truth. WE WILL LOSE. Can you imagine if Joe Biden debated? What if Rep. Jordan debated Pelosi in a fairly moderated debate Horror of horrors. The Dems would be destroyed!!!
It is the old story of the evil, when they think they are on top crush all opposition in any way possible. Fairness to the evil is a foreign concept.

8 months ago

Debates won’t change a Proud Democrat’s mind. If a Proud Democrat voted Republican, they might have to go back to work! That also includes the Rich Democrats on Corporate Welfare.

8 months ago

There is no real need to debate. They follow Biden and believe what he believes in. They would lie in a debate anyway. Actions speak louder than useless words. Anyone voting for a democrat is an absolute moron.

8 months ago
Reply to  lalasayswhat

The problem is, as we know, there are plenty of morons out there. Best we can hope for is to expose leftists to the moderate voters.