“Coward” Katie Hobbs Won’t Debate Kari Lake!


Katie Hobbs will not even interview for the job of governor. She won’t answer tough questions or address her opponent’s concerns. Kari Lake thinks she’s a coward. Maybe, but it seems like more of the campaigning from the basement that Joe Biden found successful, and John Fetterman is engaged in.

When Joe Biden disappeared from the megaphone for vacation, his poll numbers went up. They have concluded that hiding from questions and who they are is a winning campaign tactic.

Hobbs also wants to be free to lie about Kari Lake without any interference or accountability. If she debates, she might be held to account.

Katie Hobbs embraces the worst of the Democrat Party platform, but she isn’t willing to debate it. We need Kari Lake, and we just hope and pray she wins. Democrats do cheat. Mail-in voting is rife with corruption, but it’s hard to prove. I only know about it from working on absentee ballots with candidates locally. Still, she won her primary. If everyone gets out and votes, she will win. Watch:

J.D. Rucker dealt with Katie Hobbs on one of his sites, JD Rucker.com.

Everything Lake said about Hobbs is documented and accurate. Is this why Democrat-loving corporate media is so bent on changing the subject? One comical editorial from an Arizona NBC affiliate claimed Hobbs was simply concerned about Lake spreading “lies” before mentioning deep in the article that the writer has been confrontational with Lake in the past. Call me new to journalism after three decades but I always thought disclosures of personal conflicts should be acknowledged up front, before the editorialized attacks.

The reality is this: Democrats and corporate media know they have a corrupt candidate who’s trying to take on someone the people of Arizona truly adore. They’re pulling out all stops to gaslight Arizonans into ignoring the facts in front of them.

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Tom Ryan
Tom Ryan
1 year ago

Katie Hobbs should not stoop to debate someone who is an election denier. If Lake will admit that Biden won the election fair and square, then Hobbs should debate Lake. Otherwise the debate provides a platform for Lake to spread more lies.

1 year ago

Arizona will be closely watched and monitored; however,  the organized crime syndicate that masquerades as the Democratic Party will brazenly steal the election. The machines are rigged, the fake ballots  printed, the mules primed, the courts bought or intimidated. Once again they will give all of us the finger and dare us to do anything to stop them. They put their demented puppet on a stage in Philadelphia to declare war on us. We must not disappoint them.