Dem doxxes nuns, says he didn’t, then shows us a nun he likes


Peter Vroom, a member of the Resistance, who claims to be a former Republican, finds it disgusting to position nuns behind the President. Why? Would he feel the same way if they were behind Biden, the abortion-on-demand lover?

He claimed he didn’t dox nuns because Breitbart mentioned their order first. Actually, he made sure he matched up the nuns to their photos so he did dox them.

Vroom needs to leave nuns alone. In fact, most of them are left-wing, unlike the nuns of decades ago.

Oddly, he is okay with far-left nuns who support the abortion lover, Joe Biden, and blame President Trump for COV deaths.

There is no blame thrown NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s way even though he put through the policy that cost the lives of thousands of elderly in nursing homes. There is no blame thrown at the thoroughly incompetent Bill de Blasio, either. Between the two of them, they had more COV deaths than any governor or mayor in the United States. No one even comes close.

Biden wasn’t even going to issue a travel ban on China and Europe.

This is the usual hate coming from the left:

Twitter responded negatively to the very nasty CEO:

Bizarre & disgusting thinking that nuns don’t have the right to support @POTUS. Vroom is a moron.

Go back to your hole swamp creature.

You are a real piece of work. So glad you came out as a Democrat. RINOs suck.

How about leaving the nuns alone? Woman facepalming


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