Dem Gov sold out police as BLM sets city on fire, loots, assaults cops


George Floyd 2.0 is here and it’s in Wisconsin. As we wrote earlier, a black man was shot in an officer-involved shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The story and the video clip going around suggest he was shot seven times — people online say in the back, but that is not clear at all. The man is allegedly a criminal who was likely armed.

Did the man pull a gun on police? We don’t know, yet people are rioting. According to one independent reporter, the man shot is a rapist, wanted by police, yet the governor sold out the police immediately. Another reporter, Andy Ngo has Jacob Blake’s rap sheet. It is believed that Jacob Black is the man who was shot.

Black has a history of assaulting police.

We haven’t confirmed this but given the rioting, it seems appropriate to publish it.

As Hell was unleashed on businesses and police officers, Twitter called them ‘protests,’ see the last post.



Online, people are spreading stories, claiming that the man was only breaking up a fight between two women. That may or may not be true, but the Internet is rushing the story out before anyone knows what is going on.

In any case, that has sparked fury in Kenosha, and the residents seem to think it gives them the right to riot.

Without all the facts, and without following the law, the white and black mob attacked police and innocent people (for the most part, it’s BLM rioting). The first clip is a report by an independent reporter on the scene:

Looting is going on across the city:


As the car dealership went up in flames, someone joked about having a fire sale:

One person rioting was upset because the dealership had a Black Lives Matter sign our front:

Several businesses were set on fire:

Massive garbage trucks were set on fire:


So far, we know 14 were arrested and 40-50 police were involved.

An officer was knocked out with a brick:

Multiple businesses set on fire:

While this hell was perpetrated by Black Lives Matter, Twitter trended this:



  1. While the country is Burning Once Again Fox is busy reporting mostly on weather and Covid. The ONLY report on Kenosha is the video, “a man walking to his car….”.

  2. Numerous reports early on shots being fired. Now more reports of shots fired.
    Early on one man with an AR was preventing a Swat vehicle from leaving an area. Two individuals were at the Justice building wielding shotguns.

  3. The rioters wouldn’t even spare the Institute of Paleontology. Apparently one black man was planning to take his son there, but not for quite a while now. It will take some time to make repairs. There were no reports of any internal damage.

  4. The rioters found keys to the cars and realized the starters were locked, somehow. Since cars couldn’t be stolen the damage started with full view of cameras on the scene. A short while later several started lighting the cars on fire, In View of the Cameras. I don’t believe a single car survived. Once the first two were in flames it spread quite fast and within about a half hour virtually every car was on fire. It started with one in the front, catching an adjacent one. Another one at the end of the lot and a third in the back, from the first.

  5. They think by siding with the crocodile it will eat them last but it had them for breakfast. Anyone backing Black Looters Madness deserves all they get.

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