Officer shoots black man in Wisconsin, riots erupt


Violent riots are starting up in Kenosha, Wisconsin over an officer-involved shooting. The report claims a black man was shot seven times in the back.

Fires are being set and a police officer has been knocked unconscious to the ground. A brick was thrown at the officer:

A video circulating of the shooting depicts the scene from the point of view of a local. It doesn’t tell the entire story. For example, did he pull a gun on the officers? I am not saying that’s what happened, but just presenting an example.

The man who was shot is fighting for his life in the hospital with several bullet wounds.

Warning, it is graphic:

The rioters were also reportedly jumping on police vehicles and slashing their tires.

Rioters aka protesters were throwing objects at officers, including Molotov Cocktails.




  1. No doubt planned and started by the Communists! They had to start something else because the affects of the last 90 days was losing ground so now another event created to reignite the passion.

  2. Fox News LIES. They “claim” the black man shot was “just walking to his vehicle”. Reports from multiple sources contradict this story completely. Fox is CNN, actually worse because they “claim” to be so factual.

  3. I have absolutely NO sympathy for these cities. They are getting what they deserve. One lady who owns a lingerie shop was interviewed and still supported these people. If a person is unwilling to stand up for themselves after their entire business is destroyed and looted, then why should anyone care about what happens TO their stores. Without righteous anger, legitimacy is bound to follow.

    A jewelry store has a sign “Since 1851”. Will they stay, or will they go.

  4. Meanwhile…………….In Lightfoot’s Chicago: 66 Shot, 5 Killed, over Weekend… 45 Shot, 5 Killed, Since Friday in Mayor de Blasio’s NYC…………the MSM as usual are total crickets about shootings in these cities!!!

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