Dem icon Maxine comes up with a conspiracy theory about Trump starting a civil war


The deceitful, nutty Maxine Waters is pushing a ridiculous conspiracy theory about the use of force by federal law enforcement in Portland. She is claiming it could just be a trial run by Trump who will use ‘his military’ to start a civil war if he loses in November.

Specifically, she said, “As a matter of fact, it has been suggested that this is a trial run of the president of the United States who may be organizing to not accept what happens when we have the election if he’s not elected. Is he going to pull out his military? Is he going to engage us? He has already alluded to there may be a civil war if he’s not re-elected. This is dangerous…”

The only people inclined to do that are Democrats. They still haven’t accepted the results of the 2016 presidential election.

And no, he didn’t allude to it. He said he didn’t know if he would definitely accept the election results. How can he since he knows that Democrats have ballot harvesting, mail-in voting, and pro-rated voting schemes in the hopper? He is certainly not talking about anything beyond a court fight at most.

Naturally, the MSNBC host didn’t even question this utter nonsense. Instead, she agreed with her.


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