Dem manager who voted against aid to Ukraine torches Trump over holding aid to Ukraine


Far-left New York Rep. Jeffries, who voted against military aid to Ukraine, torched the President over holding back aid to Ukraine [although the President released the aid well in advance of the deadline].

Unhinged radical leftist Hakeem Jeffries compared America dealing with President Trump to America dealing with 9/11 terrorists and Nazis in World War II during the impeachment trial in the Senate.

In the first clip, Jeffries notes very troubling events in our history and then says, “but we made it to the other side”.

He begins with the civil war, moves to the Great Depression, and proceeds to Nazi Germany and World War II. He also talks about Jim Crow [Jim Crow advocates were Democrats] and then brings up 9/11 and the fight against terrorists. “But we made it to the other side,” he concludes.

He then asks what will we do about Trump, who he falsely claims “tried to cheat and solicit foreign interference in an American election.” He argues it is an attack on our character, our democracy [we are a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy].

Jeffries is one of the hypocritical House impeachment managers who voted against aid for Ukraine:

On Friday, Joni Ernst called out the impeachment managers who voted against aiding Ukraine. Rep. Jerrold Nadler, who is an impeachment manager, along with House Democratic Reps. Zoe Lofgren of California, Sylvia Garcia of Texas and Hakeem Jeffries of New York, all were either opposed or didn’t vote for national defense bills that included lethal aid to Ukraine.

Hakeem is a radical socialist. In this next clip, he falsely claims the President tried to cover up his alleged abuse of power.

President Trump is very transparent. he did something no president has done. He released the transcripts of his two phone conversations with Ukraine President Zelensky. These Democrats are impeaching him for phone calls which said nothing over an incident that never took place.

This is your rising star and this is what Democrats are now:

These are some of the reactions from the left. They love the man. As I said, this is who Democrats are now.

Patty Murphy is a poster child for people who lack self-awareness.



    • True post Herbert, as this Hypocrite has deliberately lied, doesn’t HE know that there is audio and video of ALL HIS statements and those of HIS Corrupt Democrat Party? There MUST be a requirement that to Be a Democrat-YOU MUST BE A GOOD LIAR……THEY ARE. Old Hakeem ‘follows RIGHT IN THE FOOT STEPS OF OBAMA, another Marxist Socialist, who Also thinks he STILL has Americans in the dark!

  1. None of the impeachment managers from the House has any moral high ground to be criticizing our national “character”. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries doesn’t have a case against President Trump, so he is up on his soap box grand standing like he does. If the gop majority doesn’t grow a pair and put an end to this charade soon, it is going to cost them in the future, especially if they drop the ball and President Trump ends up getting impeached.

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