Hirono says Dems wanting to impeach Trump from day 1 ia a “weird conspiracy theory”


Crazy Mazie, the strange senator from Hawaii, thinks that claims Democrats wanted to impeach the President from day one is “some kind of a weird conspiracy theory.” She added that the President thinking Ukraine interfered in the election was a conspiracy theory.

There is actually proof that Ukraine interfered and two men are in prison in Ukraine for interfering. Then there is Ms. Chalupa, the Democrat operative. There are also audio recordings.

Watch Mazie:

As for the Democrats out to get Trump, they were (thankfully, we have video now):

Chuck Schumer revved up a crowd at the West Indian Day parade in 2018, telling them ‘the sooner the better’ when people in the crowd asked him when Democrats would impeach the President.

Before the inauguration, Maxine Waters began her sometimes weekly ‘Impeach 45’ rant.

Al Green threatened Articles of Impeachment soon after the election. By November 2017, he introduced Articles, along with five other Democrats. Fifty-eight Democrats voted for it.

As for the media, nineteen minutes after the President was inaugurated, the Washington Post appeared with the headline, “The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.”

Watch the media rant about it in 2017:



  1. One thing that has become exceedingly plain to me over the last four years is that cognition, common sense has disappeared and memory cells have joined the Alzheimer’s ‘brigade’…

  2. It’s hard to rate the irrational dems on a scale since they are all so awful. Hirono behaves as if at a 10th grade level of maturity. These people are mirrors into the deficient mentality of many voters.

    • True post Lisa, as she “walks the Corrupt Democrat line” and this is a woman who ‘screams at our Congress
      members who are Republicans to “shut up and sit down”………She’s another irrational, bully that IF she did not KNOW that BEFORE Day one of POTUS Trump being sworn in, HER Party was out to REMOVE HIM, then she is LYING and INCOMPETENT.

  3. Hirono is a great example of the dim/commie leaders and how the TDS is truly infecting their beings. Easy for all of us folks in flyover country to spot.
    Early, or maybe late onset of senility or alzheimers or something, totally taking over their behaviors.
    Piglousy, Hirono, et al need to be on meds and tucked away somewhere safe. For the good of all, don’t ya know. lol.

    • I find Hirono one weird, strange and hateful woman and she like the other liberals have gone insane and are suffering from TDS. For me to debate the insane is useless.

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