Disgusting! Jerrold Nadler calls the President a “dictator”


Democrat Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), the House Judiciary Committee Chair and an impeachment manager, called the President a “dictator” when he finished his remarks after the opening today, the last day of the Democrat presentation.

Literally, everything he said was a lie. Nadler is a hate-filled man. He and his cohorts are radical leftists. They are dangerous and care nothing about the rule of law. Speaker Pelosi has always been a radical socialist who pushed San Francisco and the House further and further left over the decades.

“He is a dictator,” Nadler railed Friday night, claiming Trump wants to be “all-powerful” and not respect Congress. “This must not stand. And that is why — another reason — he must be removed from office.”

The President never said he could do anything he wants and has done nothing to make people think he is a dictator. They just don’t like what he is doing. This is strictly a partisan impeachment. We have politicians and media who seek to rule us. It’s not the President who is attempting a dictatorship, it is the Democrats. Everything they do is about power and keeping the President from doing what every president has freely done.


The President’s attorneys plan to attack the lies by the Democrats beginning Saturday. One of the attorneys, Jay Sekulow, said, “We’re going to make the case for the President, why the President was totally within his constitutional rights.”

Saturday’s session will begin at 10 am and run for several hours.

A source on the President’s legal team told Fox News that the sessions will likely last 2 to 3 hours and will be an “overview of coming attractions” with the “bulk” presentation coming on Monday. That’s when they will get into the “nitty-gritty.”

They will address the Biden’s since the Democrats made the Bidens part of the case.




    • True post as ‘Obama WAS a Dictator who told the Congress: “I have a phone and a pen”…..In other words, he Bypassed them and Neutered Them as a Dictator who did whatever he wanted….And Nobody crossed the Marxist-his party applauded him, and the Rino/Old Establishment were ‘afraid like little girls to even speak out, for “FEAR…omg…of being called ‘Racist’…….that Obama used OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER
      Keeping them in line…….THAT IS A DICTATOR..

  1. Nads didn’t mind the previous “dictator” for eight miserable years. The one that almost ruined this country…most lost a lot of money. And some were found face down in ditches. Yes that one;)

  2. Roberts & Mitch continue to allow democrats to break senate rules by insulting people in chamber. I hold “leaders” to a higher standard which those 2 will never reach since they lack basic courage and conviction.

  3. Jerry Nadless is really showing how deep his TDS is implanted in his being. For him, its a personal thing. Goes back to his days as a city councilman and real estate developer Trump(at that time) wanted to improve an abandoned warehous/industrial area within Nads district. Nads put a stop to it, for one reason or another, probably couldn’t get enough shakedown money outta the Trump organization. Nads didn’t make any cash offa that deal, which probably pissed him off pernanently.
    On the issue of allowing the snakes, Nads and Shifforbrains and others, to flaunt the Senate rules, I see it as allowing them to vent so the common folk can see what the dims/commies are all about. Temper tantrums if they don’t get their way.
    Just sayin’.

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