Dem mayor says police finding her husband’s cocaine and guns is political


Rochester, New York Mayor Lovely Warren said Thursday that her husband’s cocaine and firearms arrest is political. Warren’s husband is charged in a 7-month drug trafficking probe after the police found a large quantity of cocaine in his car and guns in their family home.

Ironically, she is anti-gun and wants to get guns off the street. She should start with her husband, Timothy Granison.

Seven people including Granison were arrested and charged over the raids.  Authorities seized 2kg of cocaine with a street value of $60,000, $100,000 in cash, three firearms, and a rifle (a so-called assault rifle) in the raids. He is out on bail and will appear in court on June 21st.

Her mayoral race is in trouble.

In this video clip, she claims it’s just politics. But…but…what about the cocaine and guns? The sad thing is she will probably get re-elected.


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Historic Pocket Lint Czar
Historic Pocket Lint Czar
2 years ago

Mayoral Race In trouble? This just in from Dominion-no it isn’t

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

Of course it is. You don’t think a democrat would admit to that do you. It’s obviously a setup. I hope the truth comes out one way or the other.