Dem measure mainstreams illegals in the workforce, will end ‘right-to-work’


The Democrat Party is working full-time to mainstream illegal aliens into society. It’s the one thing they do find time for beyond attacking the President. In light of this goal, they passed a law in the House Friday to protect their labor rights. It’s a nod to the labor unions that heavily fund their campaigns.

This measure would allow foreigners here illegally to sue their employer for damages if the National Labor Relations Board finds the employer violated their rights, Fox News reports.


The Democrat-sponsored “Protecting the Right to Organize” (PRO) Act rejects a measure that would prevent unions from recruiting illegal immigrants.

Along with sanctuary cities, free healthcare, and driver’s licenses, illegal aliens will soon have the rights of citizens if Democrats gain power. This bill is another open borders measure.

Employers Won’t Be Able to Fire Illegals

It ends employers’ so-called “misclassification” of illegal alien workers and denying them benefits. They will get back pay and damages if they win their cases. There will possibly be additional financial penalties for each violation in which a worker is ‘wrongfully terminated.’

Employers will have to keep illegal alien employees.

Another “jarring” result of the legislation, according to Fox News, is the bill would abolish state right-to-work laws. The unions will be overjoyed if that passes one day.

If Democrats win in November, this is one more abomination we will have to suffer. They are determined to damage the country and deprive citizens of their rights.

Rep. Kevin Hern, R-Okla., said the bill “will put immeasurable power in the hands of union bosses.”

“Where workers have previously had the freedom to choose whether or not to pay fees [and] join a union. They will now be forced to pay membership fees or lose their job,” he said.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform stated that the bill could prevent employers from firing an illegal immigrant.

“In addition to owing back pay and other damages from so-called unfair labor practices, the PRO Act subjects employers to civil penalties of up to $100,000,” the organization said. “Under this bill, if an employer makes the admirable decision of firing an illegal worker to hire an American instead, they could face an unfair labor practice charge alleging that the illegal alien was fired for union status rather than being here illegally. This is not right.”

Vote Republican

As reported, the bill would be dead on arrival in the Republican-controlled Senate.

Republicans must keep the Senate in November. Democrats weaponized the House, and they will weaponize the Senate.

The Democrats have passed about 100 bills along party lines, and one is worse than the next. None will make Americans’ lives better. In the case of this measure, it will make the lives of illegal aliens better at the expense of citizens.

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