Outrage over white kids winning MLK contest but no blacks entered


This goes under — you can’t make this stuff up. Students at the University of Montana and race activists are very upset and are out protesting after four white students won the MLK Jr. essay contest. In other words, these protesters wanted an MLK award to be given out according to the color of the person’s skin.

To begin with, there aren’t a lot of black students at the university.

When the results were released, Montana students and race activists accused the university officials of racism and disrespect. Students, staff, and community members participated in the protest, and other actions to demonstrate their outrage.

The contest winners are receiving threats and the African-American studies program, which had sponsored the contest, removed their photos and essays from its website.

As it happens, no black students even submitted an essay. If they want to win, they really have to enter.

The university should just cancel the award and say there was no black interest. They could change it to the Abraham Lincoln Essay Contest.

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