Dem Newbies – The Radical Tail Wagging Their Cowering Dog


It has been a week of broiling discontent and infighting among House Democrats.  What began as an effort to respond to another anti-Semitic trope by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, degenerated into a nasty, intra-party holy war.   

After initial disagreements centered simply on whether Omar would be, for a second time, specifically named for her continued bigoted remarks, leader Pelosi, under pressure from some first-term radicals, began showing signs of going wobbly.  

And that’s all it took to completely remake a resolution denouncing anti-Semitism, into a toothless list of platitudes, moved so far from its original intent, that the hate-spewing Ilhan appeared the victim.

How did this pathetic surrender happen so quickly?  Democrat party elders, thrilled with their return to power, and afraid to upbraid any of the newly electeds who helped, spoiled those kids rotten.  

Like doting grandparents allowing grandchildren to run amok at home, then wondering how they could behave so badly in public, Pelosi and other old-timers looked hapless.  

Perhaps it began when foul-mouthed Rep. Rashida Tlaib got a pass after publicly “f-bombing” President Trump.  Absent any serious rebuke for that, why wouldn’t others be emboldened?

So, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, despite incoherent ramblings, economic illiteracy, and a possible campaign finance scandal became the de facto spokesperson and self-proclaimed “boss”  of her party.  All that after serving in Congress for about 2 months.

Next, we come to Ilhan Omar.  She, an obvious Jew-hater, with a history to prove it, is described as a “Sweetheart….because she has a sweetheart.”, by Louis Farrakhan but still keeps her seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  Worse yet, Ilhan has now attacked Barack Obama.  She’s linked the Democrat icon to the “caging of children” and “droning of countries”.  

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi, heralded in November as the most powerful woman in America, has been left groveling for excuses for inexcusable behavior.  

Said Nancy, “I feel confident that (Omar’s) words were not based on any anti-Semitic attitude, but that she didn’t have a full appreciation of how they landed on other people….”. Blah, blah, blah.

What Nan and the rest of her shell-shocked colleagues should understand is this crew of revolutionaries has managed their coup by following a timeless script previously used by those they’re looking to depose.  

After watching Democrat demagogues use race, ethnicity, and religion to bully dissenters and stop disagreeable speech, it appears these extremists have learned those lessons all too well. Tlaib, AOC, and Omar as women of color, Latina, and/or Muslim are well suited to represent this next group of boutique victims.  

Ocasio-Cortez fresh from her victorious slap down of the Democrat old guard has already played the victimhood card by sending out a fund-raising e-mail claiming Ilhan and Rashida were both being “targeted for questioning the influence of money in the US political system.”.  

And just like that, Democrat newbies have become the radical tail wagging their terrified dog.



  1. We are thrilled at the “GIFTS” from the libs….Open Borders, Late term abortion, attacking Freedom of Speech and Religion, anti-semitism, ……I don’t have enough time to write a complete list!!!!
    Let us not forget that the Deep State is still working hard to undermine our President!
    Watch the Right hand while the Left hand has all the attention……

  2. And America has seen a steady stream of what usually comes out when the dog’s tail of the dog rises! Let’s hope the stench is enough to keep the suburban housewives that were dumb enough to fall for this radical crap in 2018 are smart enough not to step in it again in 2020!

  3. NOTHING makes me happier than seeing the near-senile old HACKS who are officially “running” the Democrat Party realize that the Omars, the Talibs and the Ocasio-Castrotezs are ALREADY staging a coup against their sclerotic “leadership.” Bolshevik Bernie, Hitlery, Upchuck Schumer and Botox Nancy presided over the creation of this Communist Frankenstein monster through their close allies in the far left professoriate that controls Academia… and now they are faced with the results: a horde of ignorant, brainwashed, fanatic Red Guards, led by a collection of perpetually angry harpies who are to the Left of Madame Mao.

    They are prepared to DESTROY in the country because they have been “taught” to DESPISE EVERYTHING it stands for.

    Unfortunately for the Old Guard Democrats, this includes those they deem to be insufficiently ideologically pure AND WHO THUS DESERVE TO BE PURGED.

    This is the situation they have created and I hope that their entire Party CHOKES ON IT in 2020 and after.

  4. The Tri-fecta, Omar, Tlaib and Cortez – the new Young Turks. This is the perfect storm. The timing is ripe, the climate is right (or should I say “left”) and these old Democrats don’t have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to this progressive whips. Someone better rein them in or they will consume the remainder of the already half-eaten Democrat party. Not sure they will though. So where that leaves us is anyone’s guess. With a Republican establishment that has time and again shown us their non-allegiance with the President, maybe our goose is cooked.

  5. So many nut jobs and so little space/time…. We the people should probably sit back and watch them devour each other… the problem is that our youth are caught up in the diatribe, causing half or more of them to drink the Kool Aid poison these communists are regurgitating… so we really can’t let it continue without reaction from saner minds, which does not include the “old guard” Democrats; sanity is not their strong point. Conservatives must speak out against this abomination, now and viciously.

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