Dem operative wonders if Judge Barrett adopted her children illegally – without any evidence


Judge Amy Coney Barrett is allegedly slated to become President Trump’s nominee to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. Before the official announcement which will come at 5 p.m. Saturday, the left is trying to diminish Judge Barrett. She might not even be the candidate.

In addition to suggesting she speaks in tongues and is a crazy religious freak (she’s Catholic), they are now suggesting she adopted her two Haitian children illegally, WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE.


Dana Houle, who served as Chief of Staff for Democratic New Hampshire Rep. Paul Hodes and campaign manager for Hodes and for Democratic Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes, according to Boston Review, tweeted, “I would love to know which adoption agency Amy Coney Barrett & her husband used to adopt the two children they brought here from Haiti.”

“So, here’s a Q: does the press even investigate details of Barrett’s adoptions from Haiti? Some adoptions from Haiti were legit,” Houle continued.

“Many were sketchy as hell. And if press learned they were unethical & maybe illegal adoptions, would they report it? Or not bc it involves her children. Would it matter if her kids were scooped up by ultra-religious Americans, or Americans weren’t scrupulous intermediaries & the kids were taken when there was family in Haiti? I dunno. I think it does, but maybe it doesn’t, or shouldn’t.”

He added, “I hope the adoptions were fully legit & ethical. I hope if press investigates that’s whay [sic] find. But if the adoptions were sketchy, reporting it would really screw w the lives of her 2 adopted kids (& maybe the 5 bio kids too).”

Loving the negative attention, he continued and grew more vulgar and obnoxious.

“Would it matter if her kids were scooped up by ultra-religious Americans, or Americans weren’t scrupulous intermediaries & the kids were taken when there was family in Haiti? I dunno. I think it does, but maybe it doesn’t, or shouldn’t.”


He’s going after the little girls and he’s despicable for that!

“I see someone has screw shot the first tweet and people are admonishing me without bothering to read the thread. I guess I should put in a first tweet it’s a thread so assholeshace a harder time being assholes.”

“But here’s the thing: if you think there weren’t a fuckton of horrible adoptions from Haiti maybe you should stop being a sucker & learn about it. A lot of those adoptions were horrendous.”

“There were so many horrible adoptions by families like hers that the only reason to not question the legitimacy of the adoption is the effect it would have on her kids. But that’s a pretty huge reason. Probably enough to not do it”

“[BTW, I know about this stuff in part bc we looked in to international adoptions. Even honest, ethical people who try to do everything right sometimes find something was deeply wrong. It’s why we decided on a domestic adoption]”

“[Anyway, I’m off for the night. I should have put something in the first tweet to make it impossible to misrepresent it, but for that moment I wasn’t thinking that most conservatives on Twitter are fulminating lunatics w no regard for truth & who can’t deal w ambiguity]”

We left out a few tweets from this “fulminating lunatic” to use his language. They were more of the same, but then he concluded:

“…adopted legally & ethically—which is more likely—but bc of the trauma it would cause them to find out from the press, if some news organization knew the adoption was problematic it probably couldn’t report it Anyone appalled by this discussion, please,act on your outrage…”

“…and work to pressure your elected officials to push to reunify families separated by ICE, BCP,etc, & to push for more humane treatment of asylees at the Southern border. Because they sure won’t get support from Amy Coney Barrett.”

So Judge Barrett adopted two precious little girls who would have grown up in poverty and that’s a bad thing, according to Dana Houle.

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted that Houle should leave the children alone.

People called him an “ahole” and “horrible.”

Two sweet little girls who will have so many opportunities with this family:

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3 years ago

Dana Houle is typical of the Dem garbage that lurks in the alleys of the worst of the worst. These people like Dana Houle are so evil and vicious that they would do anything, and I mean anything to win.,
They have no human characteristics and are GHOUls lurking in the ashes of humanity. They are equal to the most evil of evil with not even Adolf Hitler;s SS Killers could compare to these present day Ghouls.

SO IT IS DANA GHOUL, not Dana Houle Does this Dana Ghoul have kids who could be driven mad by the same tactics ? Hmmmmmm? Whatever it takes, destroy this WITCH OF THE LEFT. Make her cry forever un able to funcion outside of a mental institution.
The Nazis & the Japanese during the WW II did not listen and so they had to suffer the inhumanities of the bombing and hand to hand brutality of the American Bayonet. THE WOULD NOT LISTEN