Dem perjurer Andrew McCabe will not face criminal charges


Unlike General Flynn and Roger Stone, former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe, who “lacked candor” according to the DOJ Inspector General’s report — when questioned about leaking to the media — will not face criminal charges.

According to Politico, McCabe’s lawyers were told last September to prepare for an indictment on charges over the inaccurate statements he made to FBI investigators about his actions during the 2016 election.

However, nothing ever happened. People thought the grand jury rejected the charges. Perhaps it has something to do with the attorney involved, Jessie Liu, whose nomination to a key Treasury position was just pulled by the President. She did recommend bringing charges against him for lying.

The prosecutors have said nothing in the case until today. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in D.C. sent McCabe’s lawyers a letter saying, “We consider the matter closed.”

Two-tier justice system?



  1. This has me doubting the efficacy of AG Barr. Justice only applies for those not in Government. Apparently a “Government Job” allows a person to commit whatever they desire with no repercussions. The only entity that could correct these issues, namely Congress, are just as feckless and the DOJ / FBI. We, the public, are left with no recourse, and there isn’t enough public outrage to make any changes. No wonder people just don’t give a damn anymore.

    • Barr is lifelong family friends with Mueller. Mueller was also affiliated with Ruby Ridge.. I do a lot of research. Barr should never have taken the job…

  2. HHMMM its interesting back in October McCabe withdrew his lawsuit against the Department of Justice, now he ‘s off the hook?????

    • Yup, the good old “quid pro quo” of the Deep State is hard at work here. Barr is making sure that none of his goon squad buddies have to pay for their corrupt, criminal behavior.

  3. Look at Barr’s behavior this week. He gets caught in a very embarrassing situation with the Stone trial, which he botched, indicating his lack of leadership and ability, then blames Trump for his own inadequacies, then clears a conspirator who had rock solid criminal referrals against him.

  4. So sad to see this. If one looks into the history of Barr, one will clearly see that he is just as Deep State as the Clinton’s, Obama, Podestas, Rosenstein, Wray and so on. The devil looks after his own, as the saying goes. Barr is an evil, corrupt scum bag. NO ONE, NOT ONE SINGLE HUMAN BEING WILL EVER BE INDICTED AS LONG AS BARR THE CORRUPT DEEP STATE PUPPET IS THE AG. Get rid of this utterly corrupt deceitful lawyer wanna be.

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