Dem pollster says newly-released FBI docs are the “smoking gun,” act now!


Mark Penn, a Democrat strategist and Hillary supporter, wrote an op-ed for The Hill that everyone might want to read. I’ll summarize it here.

He starts out explaining that if instead of Comey releasing his emails [summarizing conversations with the president], the FBI had released the Flynn documents], we would have seen a special counsel appointed to investigate the FBI.

He called the documents the “smoking gun.”

The following are the points he lists.

DOJ IG Horowitz found 17 violations of policy and procedure in the initial investigation. Rober Mueller found no Russia collusion by the Trump campaign. Yet, the media coverage was so biased that in a recent poll 53% of Americans still think Trump colluded with the Russians.

The DOJ/FBI opened the investigation after they found out the dossier was false, probably Russian disinformation and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC.

Flynn was targeted because he had contacts with the Russian government, not because he was conspiring. They continued it at agent Strzok’s insistence without evidence.

They also targeted Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, and nabbed him for tax evasion; zeroed in on Carter Page for nothing; and Michael Cohen who they later got for financial crimes, and pursued Roger Stone for lying about his communications with a conspiracy theorist.

Penn writes, “Flynn had been cleared of being a Russian agent on Jan. 4, 2017; there was never any evidence he should have been investigated in the first place. Yet now, because the investigation had not been officially closed, FBI officials cooked up a plan to try to create a crime that did not exist.”

He continues with his theory of why the FBI did it. “I think it is more likely that they simply wanted to get their targets at all costs and sustain their investigation to bring down the administration. Clear prosecutorial abuses were committed against all of the defendants, none of whom were ever charged with colluding with the Russians.”…

“This was an investigation without foundation that systematically persecuted people at all costs. And the Mueller investigation was honorable only in the sense that the investigators had to admit there never was any evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.”

“It is all coming out now, but it is way too late. Attorney General William Barr seems to see this all very clearly, but the time to act with tough indictments is truly now, with the release of these explosive documents. The actions in the Flynn case provide the link between the Strzok-Lisa Page texts about “insurance policies” against Trump’s election and actions that were indefensible on every level; they show how the two of them acted in concert to extend their political prejudices to the department’s actions against people who were in no way colluding with Russia. It did not matter to these FBI officials, who acted as though they were above the law: They would get their targets and drag the country through years of a meritless investigation and a false political debate.”

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