Dem Rep Blames White Supremacy After Black Man Shoots Up Korean Hair Salon


Dem Rep Blames White Supremacy

After Black Man Shoots Up Korean Hair Salon

First and foremost we must state for the record, that this is NOT a satirical headline from the Babylon Bee.

It is, nonetheless, pretty funny in a pathetic sort of way. The reason? Because the details demonstrate how hilariously inept, and deliberately ill-informed a congressional “leader” can truly be.

Mindlessly regurgitating the latest, divisive, Democrat talking points, Rep. Joyce Beatty, chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) blamed White supremacy for last week’s shooting at a Dallas Korean hair salon.

Screenshot from video

Standing on the Capitol steps in front of a somber group of about 100 of her fellow, mind numbed, robotic, blindly partisan, Dem colleagues she said, “On Monday, three people in a Korean-owned hair salon in Dallas were gunned down by yet another White supremacy replacement theorist.”

Beatty continued, “We are sick of the pipeline from racist rhetoric to racist violence.”

Here’s where we learned two things.  One, she was about to unwittingly become a laughing stock.  Two, as a result, Ms. Beatty and all those photo ops, virtue signalers gathered with her would have their heads spinning lack of sincerity exposed.

The facts:

The shooting Joyce referred to as being on Monday, 5/16/22, in reality, took place on Wednesday, May 11th.

Jeremy Smith, 37, was booked into the Dallas County jail and is charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He allegedly walked into the Hair World Salon and opened fire with a .22 caliber rifle on the seven people inside, hitting three women.  Jeremy Smith is Black.

If Chair Woman Beatty, or anyone of those 100 Democrat propagandists, or any members of their voluminous staff had taken a genuine interest in this shooting, they could have easily gotten the facts straight.

Two days before her press conference, Jeremy Smith was arrested in Dallas.  Authorities were investigating the shooting as a hate crime and he is suspected in a recent string of shootings at or near Asian businesses.

If that report was missed, we have what should have been an easy “get”. One day before Beatty’s presser, Fox News, with an accompanying photo, reported on Smith’s arrest.

The moral of the story is Democrats, suffering from multiple policy catastrophes, are so desperate to further their White Supremacy poison they don’t even take the time or energy to confirm, in this case, the racist was Black.

Funny, in a very pathetic sort of way.

The best grin of all would be to vote for the “replacement” of every one of those lazy, partisan, uncaring, political hacks standing with Joyce Beatty.

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