Dem rep laments not impeaching President Trump for racism


Rep. Al Green said the Democrats made a mistake by not impeaching President Trump for his racism. The representative was the first person to demand the impeachment of the President, and he wanted it to be over alleged racism.

He was on CSPAN this morning, comparing President Trump to President Andrew Johnson who wanted to bring the southern states back into the union without protecting slaves. Meanwhile, it is Trump who is establishing opportunity zones, getting some black men out of prison, and giving a great deal of money to black universities.

Green told the interviewer, “[@realDonaldTrump] is the most racist president in my opinion since Andrew Johnson. He is the Andrew Johnson of his time.”

That’s what he says over and over, but it’s not true. The left invents racist comments he has never made.

Green also said that Democrats should have impeached Trump for his “insidious discrimination and his racism.” Racism is the constant allegation against anyone who isn’t a Marxist. They’ve diluted the meaning so it means little.


Dem Lawmaker – We Made a Mistake When We Did Not Impeach Trump For His Racism from Wayne Dupree Show on Vimeo.

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