Uncomfortable conversations with an oppressed black man


Emanuel Acho has a youtube channel titled, ‘Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man,” and some of it is made for his white brothers and sisters. In his first video, he shares his insights to give us a better understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement.

He responded to the riots and looting, explaining they are a necessary consequence of no one listening to the oppressed.

He cites one example of a white woman and the oppression he felt as he was in biking in Lake Austin. He was overtaking her and yelling at her to get out of his way. He knew if she didn’t move there would be a collision. But she had earphones on and didn’t hear him so they collided. Emanuel blames her for the collision he knowingly caused and said that’s what black people are dealing with.

Then he said he doesn’t condone rioting and looting but it’s one of the stages of grief.

He goes on with his race analogy.

It’s wisdom from an oppressed 29-year-old.

So, who is this young man, Emmanuel Acho, sharing his wisdom?

Well, the oppressed young man went to St. Mark’s, a top-rated, private Christian school in Dallas that costs around $30,000 per year. He lettered in basketball and had a professional career as a linebacker.

Twenty-nine years old, already worth over three million dollars, is a reporter for ESPN, lives in a wealthy part of Austin and he is preaching to others about “privilege” and “oppression.”

He fits in more with the privileged than the oppressed, but that’s just my observation. Oh, and he’s overtly racist.


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