Dem Sen. stalls Darrell Issa’s nomination indefinitely for what he did at 17


Senate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member Bob Menendez has INDEFINITELY delayed former GOP Rep. Darrell Issa’s confirmation hearing for a trade position in the Trump administration because he wants to see the FBI background check. He thinks it might show Issa used a fake ID when he was 17.

This not satire. Menendez — with his sketchy background –is worried about a potential fake ID in Issa’s past when he was still a teen.

Come on guys, even you liberals must see this is insane and unfair.

Issa was nominated to be the director of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency a year ago. The confirmation process has been so delayed, that the former chairman of the House Oversight Committee has already created an exploratory committee to look into a potential run against California Rep. Duncan Hunter.

Rep. Hunter was indicted for misuse of campaign funds and is going on trial.

Issa will move on if this continues.

Issa told Fox News last week that he is open to serving in Congress instead of waiting to be confirmed.

“My desire is to serve the president and help in any way I can. If it becomes my best course to take a congressional seat and help take back the majority in the House, that’s OK, too,” he said.

Issa was a wild child who had run-ins with the law and the incident Menendez is allegedly concerned about took place when Issa was a 17-year-old Army private.

Issa was stationed near Pittsburgh and was caught using a military ID card that listed his age as two years older than he actually was. When Issa was caught, he was punished by his “not amused” lieutenant.

“It was a military ID where the ID office had put the wrong birthday on, which made Issa look older,” the official said. It got him into bars.

Issa was from Ohio where the legal drinking age was 18.

Menendez confronted Issa at the Thursday hearing and said, “If you would falsify records when you were 17, how can we believe you’re credible, to be honest now?”

Yikes! Issa is 65 years of age and Menendez thinks it appropriate to challenge him for having a beer on a false ID when he was 17???

We’d like to see the same rules applied to Menendez.

We should all worry about Menendez’s possible crimes, including bribery and corruption.



    • That is for sure. Wasn’t he charged with some type of misconduct in the last year or so? To bring up something that happened that long ago… Ridiculous!

  1. A citizens committee should be formed to fully investigate Menendez’s past, wonder if he would mind the public looking af his last 20 years tax returns?

  2. First off Issa was a Private in the Army! Issa was not the person who typed up that ID Card it was the equivalent of “Pass and ID” department of the Army! My Grandfather who served in the Army in WWI. The Army’s equivalent of “Pass and ID” had put on all his paper work that said he stood 6’ 12” tall! Which was ludicrous because my Grandfather stood 5’ 10”! This information was on all his official Identification papers he carried at that time! What Menendez is doing is beyond ludicrous and unconscionable attacking Issa’s credibility for a mistake that the Military made over 48 years ago and not something Issa was responsible for! As far as I’m concerned Menendez attack on Issa is totally dishonorable and beneath contempt! This type of actions has become the norm for the Progressives = Socialist = Communist members the Democrat body within the U. S. Congress has sunk too! The Progressives = Socialist = Communist ideology is the opposite of the Constitution & The Bill of Rights! The Progressives = Socialist = Communist are not only the opposite of the Constitution and The Bill of Rights which was the core values of the Democrat Party prior to the infiltration of the Party by those who did not tell the truth about themselves or there ideological values of being Progressives = Socialist = Communist till the second term of “x president Obama”. These individuals are a disgrace to the Democrat Party! Not only do they not represent the real core values of the Democrat Party but are effectively destroying the Party. They try to project that the Progressives = Socialist = Communist are the majority but in reality they are minority within the Party. Matter of fact they do not belong in the Democrat Party period and should be kicked out of the Democrat Party!! Lastly the decision on Issa should of went to a vote not delayed indefinitely! However this is the norm now for the members of the Party that gets elected who literally support frivolous, wasteful unconstitutional laws. They really do not work for the wages we pay them through our taxes anymore but waste time chasing elusive rabbits! I’m fed up with the there arrogance in there actions claiming they listen to there constituents which is utter nonsense. Just who do they think they are political royalty? They do think they’re above the citizens and above the laws of this Republic! Besides the fact that according to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights they are always supposed to be on the same level playing field with the citizens and are never to put themselves above them! Yet these Democrats always make sure that they are not on the same level playing field by always making sure they have better health benefits, better retirement than the citizens. It’s beyond time that this Democrat attitude and there health & retirements benefits is ended and put on the same health & retirement benefits as the citizens!

  3. Rather ironic for someone who was not found not guilty, but rather had a hung jury. The DOJ decided not to retry the case. The one that charged Sen. Mendez with several crimes: having sex with an underage girl while on a trip with a donor that he tried and failed to protect from prosecution for defrauding the Federal government, enticing a minor…..So I can understand how senator Mendez feels completely justified in casting aspersions on rep.Issa. Bob Mendez is truly a paragon of moral rectitude and decency when compared to a multi millionaire businessman who has served his nation on multiple occasions, well except for the horrendous and unforgivable crime of attempting to buy a beer at the age of 17. I know that by comparison, having a beer at 17 or sex with a 16yo girl, that should be a no brainer to all the liberals especially since they have no brain?

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